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Below are a list of archived technical articles related to golf club equipment, fitting, repair and assembly we have written over the years.  Make sure to hit refresh from time to time as more articles will be added.

Modern Guide to Golf Clubfitting Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking


> A Guide to Women's Golf Clubs

> The New Apollo Adjustable Putter Shaft Is The Perfect Clubfitting Solution!

> A Real Game Changer For Clubmakers – Tour Lock Pro Counterweights

> Does the Flex of Your Wedges Matter?

> “Draw Bias” Clubheads – Understanding the Principles Behind the Design Feature

> Graphite Iron Shafts: Are They Right for Your Game?

> Hitting the Ball on the Screws

> Fitting Advice for the Acer SHM-2 Counterbalanced Putter

> Fitting Junior Golf Clubs

> How is the Lie of a Golf Club Measured?

> Hybrid Confusion

> Improve Your Ball Striking and Lower Your Score with Markit Impact Spray

> I Never Met A 7-Wood I didn't Like

> Is a Low Spin Golf Clubhead or Shaft Right for You?

> Is Non-tapered or Reduced Taper Grip Sizing Right for You?

> Optimize Your Driver Distance with this Simple Little Test

> Putting a Number on Shaft Stiffness

> Stop Poorly Fitting Your Customers - the Secrets to Golf Club Fitting Are Revealed

> Take a Look At Heavier Graphite Shafts

> The ABC’s of Shaft Flex: No Longer Your Normal ARS’s

> The Distance Challenged

> The Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index Explained

> Understanding Shaft Geometry and the Effects on Ball Flight

> Understanding the Principles of Gear Effect

> What Club Should I Use? Fairway, Hybrid or Iron

> What is Shaft Torque?

> What is the Best Golf Shaft for My Game?

> What is the Difference Between Club Conex FUSE-FIT & FAZ-FIT?

> What Length Do I Make Junior Clubs?

> What Length Golf Clubs Do You Need?

> Winn to Know What Grip Weight To Use


> An In-Depth Look at Putter Grip Sizing

> Alternative Trimming – KBS Tour Shafts

> Brampton Clubmaking Supplies are Easier and More Economical

> Clubmaking 101 – A Word of Caution About Epoxy Application

> Clubmaking 201: Altering the Recommended Tip Trimming

> Do You Need to Remove All the Paint from a Graphite Shaft Tip?

> “Flighting” Golf Shafts

> Golf Terms & Glossary

> Gripping with a Safer Solvent

> Head Weights, Shaft Weights and Balance Points – Oh My!

> How To Align a Curved Putter Shaft

> How To Frequency-Sort Golf Shafts

> How To Increase Business to Your Clubmaking Shop

> How to Make an Extended Length, Non-anchored Counterbalanced Putter

> How is the Length of a Golf Club Measured?

> Is Bore Type Relevant in Clubmaking Today?

> Measuring Clubs the Easy Way - Hireko's Ruler Buddy

> Putter Shaft Terminology

> Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Hands On Into Clubmaking

> The Nitty Gritty to Cutting Graphite Golf Shafts Efficiently

> Taper Tip Steel Shaft Primer

> The Importance of Weight-Sorting Steel Shafts

> Tip For Swingweighting Taper Tip Steel Shafts With Tip Pins With Video Demonstration!

> Want to Know More Information on Shaft Flexes and Tip Size?

> What is a Ferrule and Do I Need One?

> What Is a Ribbed Golf Grip?

> What Is the Best Golf Grip Tape for My Shop?

> What Specifications Make a Good Shaft for Hybrid Clubhead?

> Why are Clubs Different Lengths?

> Why Are Clubs With Graphite Shafts Clubs Longer Than Those With Steel?

> Why Are Wedges Heavier Than Irons?

> Why Aren't Golf Club Lofts in Nice 4 Degree Increments?


> Aftermarket versus OEM shafts – Certain “Premium” Shafts May Not Be What They Appear To Be

> Boring Out Hosels - Taper Tip Heads and Crocodile Tears

> Do You Monster Size Your Grips?

> How to Install Golf Shaft Extenders

> How to Quiet a Driver's Sound by "Cottoning" It

> How To Remove A Graphite Shaft

> How to Remove a Graphite Shaft Flush with the Hosel

> How to Remove the Ball Bearing from Select Ping Putters

> How to Re-Shaft Callaway Irons

> Installation Tips for Hireko Counterweights

> Replacing Rifle Steel Shafts

> Removing Steel Shafts Which Broke Off Flush with the Hosel

> Tips From the Bench: Ferrule Removal

> Working with Brass Shims

Product Reviews

> 10 Things You Need to Know About the New Acer XV Driver Series

> Acer XV Ultimate Thriver - Fairway Seeking Demon

> A Few Additional Tidbits About Aerotech Golf Shafts

> Afordable. Adjustable. Introducting the High Performing Acer XV Fairways & Hybrids

> A New Way to Clean Your Golf Grips

> Apollo Chroma Colorful Steel Shafts - More Than Meets the Eye

> Apollo Steel Shafts: A More In-Depth Look

> Can the New KBS 610 or Hi Rev 2.0 Wedge Shafts Help Lower Your Score?

> Compare and Contrast the new Acer XV Irons

> Compare and Contrast the new Dynacraft CB and MB Irons

> Improve Your Chipping Technique with the Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper

> Introducing the Graphite Design YS NanoReloaded

> Introducing the True Temper XP 115 Taper Tip Iron Shaft

> JumboMax Grips: Not All Jumbo Grips are Created Equal

> Ready to Hit Your Irons Farther? Look at the New True Temper XP Series

> Restore Your Golf Grips To Like New Condition with the Pro-Fix Get-A-Grip Grip Restorer

> Serious Shafts for Serious Players: Graphite Design Tour AD Series

> Supercharge Your Game with Grafalloy's New ProLaunch Counterbalanced Shafts

> Synchron Vespa Series of Golf Equipment

> The #1 Shaft On Tour, Dynamic Gold Tour Issue

> The Best Kept Secret in Golf is Now Available at Hireko

> The New Acer XK Flipper: A Whole New Product Category

> The Return Of The #4 Wood – Your Next Go To Club?

> Transform Your Regular Sneakers Instantly in Golf Shoes!

> Turn Your Dynacraft Bench Ruler Soleplate Into an Accurate Swingweight Calculator

> Two New 2016 SK Fiber Golf Shafts Just Arrived!

> Uniquely Shaped Grips From PalmBird and Two Thumb Aim to Improve Your Putting

> What is a Thriver Mini? Meet the Acer XV's Newest Family Addition- Perfect Off the Tee or Fairway

> What Makes the KBS C-Taper So Special?

> Will I hit the Power Play Juggernaut Driver Further?

>> Working with Brass Shims> What Makes the KBS C-Taper So Special? Makes the KBS C-Taper So Special?> Winn Golf Grips Introduces 2016 Line Including 20th Anniversary Golf Grips

> Yes, You Can Buy Premium Graphite Design Shafts for Under $100!


> Center of Gravity Showdown: Hireko vs OEM Drivers

> Clubheads: Material Differences

> Choosing a Golf Shaft: Graphite vs. Steel

> Do Touring Golf Pros Play Graphite Shafts in Their Irons?

> How Did You Stay Cool While Playing Golf in the Extreme Heat?

> How to Gain 15 Extra Yards with One Simple Piece of Equipment

> How To Properly Store Your Clubs In Winter

> Know What Club You Hit From 150 Yards

> Set Up Realistic Goal for Scoring One Hole at a Time

> So What Exactly is an R Flex Anyway?

> The Dreaded Chili Dips: Yips with the Chips

> Understanding the difference between pro-line and store-line equipment

> Women's Love 'em or Hate 'em Attitude Toward Cosmetics

> What are the Adjustable Weight Screws for in the Acer XV Golf Club Series?

> What is Maraging Steel?

> What Really is a Forged Iron Today? Dynacraft Prophet MB vs, CB Iron