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Hireko Golf Brands

Our golf club brands were created with one purpose in mind: To give golfers the highest quality golf components, custom golf clubs and golf accessories at the best price with superior customer service. From the elegance of the Dynacraft Prophet Forged Irons to the value priced Karma grips, we are assured you will make your purchase with confidence.

One of the most important reasons to buy from Hireko is that we are the MANUFACTURER of Acer, Power Play, Dynacraft, iBella, Bionik, Apollo and Karma golf products. Our products are widely distributed throughout the world but HIREKO GOLF designs, manufacturers and initiates all of it's own research and development on their brands. By buying direct from the manufacturer you are guaranteed the highest quality product at the best possible price.

  Acer Golf Products Our most in-depth and comprehensive line of game improvement golf products.
  Power Play Golf Products Featuring variable weighted technology to customize your clubs to your exact specifications.
  Dynacraft Golf Products The legendary golf component brand now under the Hireko family! Now available as custom built golf clubs.
  iBella Ladies Golf Clubs & Golf Components Our upscale ladies line until now only available in high-end boutique golf pro shops. Now available as golf components!
  Bionik Putters Our most technologically advanced line of precision made putters.
  Apollo Golf Shafts One of golf's leading names in high quality graphite and steel shafts.
  Karma Golf Grips Amazing feel and tac at half the price of the OEM's.

Hireko Golf, Professional Golf Clubs At Down To Earth Prices!