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Hireko Golf Introduces The Bold and Beautiful iBella Line of Ladies Golf Clubs

New line engineered specifically for woman golfers

Hireko Golf today introduced the iBella line of ladies golf clubs. The new line is designed around the playing characteristics of ladies golfers and created to have the contemporary style and appearance women want with the quality that everyone can afford.

“The Bellissima line is specially designed for women, because their swing is often unique and creates certain challenges,” states Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “It should come as no surprise, but women on average do not possess the strength or swing speed their male counterparts therefore it is more difficult to produce enough back spin and height to achieve the distance they need. This is the reason why additional loft is added to each Bellissima head as a necessity and not as a liability.”

In addition, most women take a sweeping motion when they swing that will almost assuredly result into the ball being struck low on the club face. In other words they lack the strength to take a divot. Therefore it was imperative to move the weight lower to not only allow the ball to become airborne, but more importantly to provide a solid feel at impact.

iBella Bellissima Titanium Driver Ultra-forgiving, the Bellissima driver is not only bold, but beautiful as well. The voluminous size and increased hitting surface exudes confidence at address. Coupled with additional loft, the ball launches high off the tee for maximum distance. Lastly, it is finished in an exquisite gold PVD finish. The Bellissima Driver is available in right hand 15 degrees and retails for $99.95 each and come with a free iBella headcover.

iBella Bellissima Fairway Woods The Bellissima fairways are dimensionally proportioned to the matching driver and will provide confidence to get the ball up quickly from the fairway or rough. The thick, heavy sole, shallow face and additional loft make these the most user-friendly lady fairways on the market. The Bellissima Fairways Woods are available in right hand #3, 5 and 7 and retail for $49.95 each and come with a free iBella headcover.

iBella Bellissima Hybrids Seemingly transitioned hybrids allow a choice between the fairways and easier-to-hit higher launching irons. These can be mixed and matched to provide the ideal set make up. An incredible high percentage of weight is concentrated very low to launch the ball with ease and provide an ultra-solid feel. The Bellissima Hybrids are available in right hand #3, 4, 5 and 6 and retail for $44.95 each and come with a free iBella headcover.

Bellissima Irons The new Bellissima Irons are a truly unique ladies set, not only in design and concept, but for their stunning appearance and performance as well. The Bellissima irons provide the proper amount of loft to propel the ball with an elevated trajectory, while the generous wide and contoured sole helps it glide smoothly across virtually any condition. Authentic Swarovski crystals embedded in the sole complement the striking butterfly medallion. The Bellissima Irons are available in right hand #4 through SW and retail for $32.25 each.

iBella Tiara Putter The iBella Tiara putter dons a contemporary look with soft, flowing edges, an hourglass center support and is surrounded by authentic Swarovski crystals in the outer ring. The beautiful appearance is not adorned for its looks alone, by also crafted to maximize forgiveness by placing the weight where it is needed most. Rounding out the shape, the Tiara putter is center-shafted for ease of alignment and consists of a diamond-milled periwinkle face insert for a perfectly flat surface. The iBella Tiara putter is available in right hand and retails for $48.25 each.

Demonstrating that all iBella Bellissima custom made ladies golf clubs are truly unique, each design is patented and covered under U.S. Patent Numbers D553701, D550799, D555219, D561283 and D562927.

Whether your lifestyle is casual or sophisticated, chic or hip, iBella beautifully blends both the hottest game improvement elements and the panache to match. They are available custom assembled online at Hirekogolf.com.