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About Loomis Collegiate Golf Shafts

Loomis high performance golf shafts by Meyer Performance Composites, LLC are manufactured using some of the highest modulus materials available. Their unique and proprietary manufacturing process allows them to produce some of the densest laminates in the golf shaft industry. This process is what gives Loomis golf shafts the superior feel and performance that many professional and amateur golfers play and rely on in their golf clubs today.

Loomis Golf shafts have always been synonymous with high-quality and performance with exceptional feel. Founder Gary Loomis was a fisherman by hobby and an machinist by trade. He blended his passion and knowledge to create the densest laminate possible which yielded the strongest and highest quality fishing rods available.

Gary Looomis' design concepts, production equipment and processing techniques have been successfully carried over into the composite golf shaft industry under the direction of Jeffrey and Robert Meyer. Loomis shafts are stronger and higher-performing with the best club feel available.

Proudly show your colors with the Collegiate Series from Loomis Golf. Whether you are are a Dog or a Duck, a Cat or a Cougar, a Trojan or Spartan, you can sport your favorite NCAA team's logo on your golf shaft while hitting it longer and straighter.

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