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Hireko Now Carrying Mitsubishi Chemical Golf Shafts!

Mitsubishi-Rayon Golf Shafts Now At Hireko Golf


Golf is all about control. So is making golf shafts. Why should this matter to golfers?

Every Mitsubishi shaft component—from the monomer, to the acrylic fibers, to the carbon fibers, to the resin and prepreg—is designed and engineered by Mitsubishi Chemical to exacting standards.  This means Mitsubishi is able to create innovative materials - like High Density Prepreg and Prepreg with Elastic Titanium Fiber that translates into the highest quality shaft in the golf industry.

Premium Materials - Multi-Dimensional Interlay (MDI) Technology allows us to layer carbon fiber in different directions along the shaft, to create very specific bend and torsion characteristics for the desired shaft performance. This gives us precise, pinpoint control over stiffness, stability and flex in any profile, while reducing shaft deformation at impact.

• MD Technology takes materials with different responsiveness characteristics, and applies them in an innovative way to create very precise performance characteristics.

Best-Performing Lightweight Shaft in Existence - Our expertise in creating thousands of versions of carbon fiber and resin combinations gives us the ability to create unique high-performance materials designed to deliver exactly what our engineers require to make our ultra-lightweight, high-performance shafts.


Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core TiNi  Dual Core Technology

Mitsubishi-Rayon Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core TiNi

The double-layer of TiNi Wire (Dual Core TiNi) in the tip section of the shaft further increases the strength and stability at impact and delivers tighter shot dispersion.


Mitsubishi Diamana Plus Shafts  

Mitsubishi-Rayon Diamana +PLUS Series

This new series of shafts combines the premium materials of the Original Diamana Series with the M.D.I. (Multi-Dimensional Interlay) Technology developed for the Second Generation Diamana Series.

Delivers bend profiles similar to the Second Generation Diamana, while retaining the feedback and feel of the Original Series. This new Diamana +PLUS Series will also incorporate a “progressive torque” system that optimizes performance by matching a shaft’s torque and shaft frequency to deliver optimal performance for players of all abilities.

Mitsubishi Fubiki Shafts


Mitsubishi-Rayon Fubuki Series

The constant search for the most advanced way to design, create and manufacture a golf shaft is what created the Fubuki Series, with MD Technology.

MD stands for Modulus Differential. It a way to take materials with different responsiveness characteristics, that typically are not used together, and applying them in an innovative way to create very precise performance
characteristics. By applying MD Technology in pinpoint locations along the length of the shaft, creates unparalleled performance in a range of shaft profiles.

Mitsubishi Bassara Ultra Lite Shafts  

Mitsubishi-Rayon Bassara Ultra Lite E-Series

The challenge: Create the best-performing lightweight shaft in existence.

The Bassara Ultra-Lite Series delivers on the challenge - with a remarkably lightweight profile that doesn’t give up an ounce in performance, stability and feel. The new E-Series features a firmer mid-and butt-section to increase stability during energy transfer, while offering a slightly more responsive tip-section to deliver maximum feel.