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National Press Awards and Reviews

Below you will find many of the National Magazine and Website awards and 5 star reviews Hireko Golf Equipment has received in the past few years. This proves our commitment to offering "Professional Golf Equipment At Down To Earth Prices!"

The 2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver was listed in the November, 2010 issue of Golf Digest’s article “Does Less Weight Equal More Distance”. The article details “two emerging distance technologies – lighter club weights to increase swing speed and adjustable hosels to better control trajectory, both not governed by the USGA.” The “New Looks” article then lists seven high tech drivers that exemplify these technologies with the 2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver being one them.


2010 Awards and Reviews
Hireko Wins 3 Awards From Golf Tips Magazine!
Hireko Wins 3 “Great Buy” Awards

The 2010 Golf Tips Golf Equipment Buyer’s Guide gave the new Acer XDS Driver and Fairways and Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons each its distinguished “Great Buy” award. Read the full reviews here:

More details on the Acer XDS Insider Titanium Drivers
More details on the Acer XDS Insider Fairway Woods
More details on the Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons

2009 Awards and Reviews
The May 2009 issue of Golf Tips magazine sung high praise for Hireko Golf. Check out some of these quotes from the New and Notable section (page 23):

  • “Hireko prices are hard to beat”
  • “custom-made golf clubs at an unbelievably low price”
  • “prices tough to beat”
  • “interesting new driver syles, some of which seem way ahead of their time”

In the same issue, Golf Tipsalso compliments our Power Play Caiman Driver:

  • “At around a 100 bucks, this club is one of the best deals for a driver you’ll ever find”
  • “produces high moi and great ballflight”

More details on the Power Play Caiman Driver




Hireko Acer XK Irons Make Golf Digest’s Best Values List In February Issue

Make sure to check out page 161 of the 2009 Golf Digest Hot List and look at the new Acer XK Irons listed in the “Best Values” section in the article “How About A Full Set For Less Than $1000?” The new Acer XK Irons made the Golf Digest “list of our favorite new-club values”. The Acer XK Irons have been a best-seller since their introduction last month. Thank you Golf Digest!

More details on the Acer XK Irons


Hireko's original Dynacraft Prophet ICT Made The Golf Illustrated "What's Hot" List

"No matter who we showed it to (man or woman) everyone we showed the Prophet Tour to absolutely loved the smokey black finish. Most of the golfers we spoke with feel the Prophet Tour looks as good, or better, than anything they’ve seen from the major OEMs."
Read Full Review of Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons Here
More details on the Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons here

“If you’re looking for a set of clubs that will perform better than your 401(K) (and will likely
hold their value better too), Hireko is worth a look."

"The Acer XDS React Irons are worth their weight in gold!" - Read review by WorldGolf.com

“The Acer XK line is solid from top to bottom.”
More details on the Acer XK Irons

“Hireko’s various lines present golfers solid clubs that are affordable even in this soft economy.”
“The Acer XK Titanium driver … produced a ball flight that was perfect for the conditions
(30mph headwind).”
More details on the Acer XK Titanium Driver

“Considering that big-name companies can charge as much as $250 each for these types of
utility clubs - which most golfers don’t use all that often - the Hireko sticks are a bargain.”
(Acer XK +3 Wood)
More details on the Acer XK Fairway Woods

“Even into such a strong wind, I was able to hit both low and high shots, (XK Pro Irons) with
both a draw and a fade. Shots struck on the sweet spot were nearly as buttery soft as with
many more expensive irons.”
More details on the Acer XK Irons

“For high-handicappers under normal conditions, these irons (XK Standard Irons) would be
well worth a look as an alternative to big-name sets costing hundreds more.”
More details on the Acer XK Irons

"If you're dreaming of the ideal inside-out swing, Hireko Golf's Acer XDS Insider line is worth a look. The price is right and the performance is solid.” Read rest of review
More details on the Acer XDS Insider Titanium Driver

"Dynacraft's new Prophet Tour irons by Hireko Golf rank as the best set of budget, low-handicap irons we've seen. In fact, they may serve to forge a new market for low-cost, high-quality players' clubs.” Read rest of review
More details on the Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons

Many more 5 Star WorldGolf.com Reviews here!

"Bottom line is pretty simple. Whether you build your own set or have Hireko build them for you, you will end up with some excellent irons for a very good price. Irons that should last you for many years and provide you with excellent performance. I can in all honestly, highly recommend the Acer XK Pro Series irons."
Full Acer XK Pro Irons review here
More details on the Acer XK Irons

"If you are looking for a forgiving set of cavity back irons, this set is well worth checking out. Quality is excellent. Distance is very good, as is the accuracy of these club."
Read full review here.

"Dynacraft Prophet Tour Irons...I predict these will be winners. For the money, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better-looking, performing or feeling set of irons."
Read rest of review here.
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