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New Image shafts offer a fresh new look for the golf industry. Top quality raw materials, tight specification tolerances and their artistic appearance make them unique. Champions Tour player R.W. Eaks has won many times with New Image shafts and Andy Bean won Champions Tour event "Regions Charity Classic" with the New Image Ghost Shaft.

New Image shafts are thoroughly tested to meet rigid specifications. Once shafts have been approved, they are sent to their engineers in Huntsville Alabama. They undergo a second process of more extensive testing to determine the flex weight of each shaft. This process finds the point of least resistance to bend when a shaft is deflected in a golf swing. Shafts are then sorted to make perfectly matched sets. Each shaft comes with its own information label providing a unique serial number, its flex weight, torque, length, flex and weight. The location of the logo is strategically placed to face up or down for the shaft's maximum performance.

All New Image graphite shafts are custom hand painted - no two are identical. The aesthetics are stunningly unique. Each shaft is a work of art backed by technology to give you the best golf shaft on the market.

New Image – Committed to Maximum Performance!

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