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Hireko Golf Non-Profit Fundraising Program

Hireko Golf Non-Profit Fundraising Program
Thinking of doing something completely different for your next non-profit fundraiser? Why not offer high performance golf equipment to your community? Golf equipment is fun, unique and will create a lot of buzz. And with the Hireko Golf Non-Profit Fundraising Program, golf equipment can be profitable too! We can help you reach your fundraising goals by offering the highest-quality golf equipment at wholesale prices to give you a 40-50% Profit Margin.

If you choose to participate in our fundraising program, we will provide your non-profit with the following:

- Colorful student order forms for one or both fundraising options
- Master order forms on which to compile student orders

Our program features:

- No minimum order required to participate
- A 40-50% profit margin!
- Supporters have a choice on how much or how little they want to buy.
- Free shipping on initial order
- Download our School Fundraising Information Packet here!

This year, we are offering the following golf products to our fundraisers:

Professional Open Series 690 Wedge - Custom Assembled XI128 $22.95
Power Play Raw Spin Wedge - Custom Assembled XI3675 $34.95
Acer XK Chipper - Custom Assembled XCP1025 $29.95
Acer i-Sight Putter Santa Barbara - Custom Assembled XP991 $43.95
iBella Volare Putter - Custom Assembled XP385 $38.35
  Zinc Putter - Custom Assembled XP506 $18
Tiger Driver Headcover
AHCB $ 10.95
Gorilla Driver Headcover AHCK $ 10.95
Dalmatian Driver Headcover
AHCC $ 10.95
Donkey Headcover
AHCR $ 10.95
Hello Kitty Golf "The Collection" Golf Balls Master Case 36 Balls HK001 $ 59.95
Hello Kitty Golf Divot Tool
HK022 $ 10.95
Hello Kitty Golf Hat Clip & Ball Marker - Hugs
HK020 $ 14.95

Guidelines for Fundraising

1. We will provide you with your requested amount of fundraising brochures, and a MASTER order form for the organizer to send to Hireko Golf with totals

2. The final order must come to us in one compiled order on the MASTER order form. Please include one check for the final payment. We will process the
order and ship all golf products to a single address. Allow 2 weeks for order processing

3. Once you receive our golf products, they can be disbursed to participants. Please call our support group at 800-367-8912 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

4. Please allow 2 weeks for processing and shipping.

Best of luck on your fundraising endeavor!

Please call 800-367-8912 or email [email protected] or Fax 888-367-8912 to enroll now!