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Hireko Golf Debuts New Power Play Caiman X2 Fairway Woods

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – March 16, 2012 – Hireko Golf today debuted the arrival of the new Power Play Caiman X2 Fairway Woods. The new X2 Fairwayshave a similar shape to its predecessor but is more refined to give it a more grown up look.

Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt states, “While the original version served our customers extremely well for the past three year by providing outstanding accuracy and a solid feel, the newest version will make your toes curl. The X2 or second generation is actually a totally new model and not just the same clubhead with new cosmetics. We kept many of the principles that made it popular like the variable face structure for the incredible sound and feel at impact and the reduced crown thickness for improved weight distribution.”

The Caiman X2 fairways have a slightly shallower profile and are broader from front-to-back than previously to lower the center of gravity and make it even more forgiving. Since there is more weight lower, this allowed our designers to strengthen the loft and still get the ball off the fairway with ease.

The stunning black PVD finish is the perfect canvass to frame the club and assist in alignment up toward your target. The finish matches the Caiman X2 Driver and the special Caiman X2 Raw Power 3 wood.

The new Power Play Caiman X2 Fairway Wood can be purchased custom assembled online for $54.95 each at