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    Power Play Caiman X2 Rawpower Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled
    Model: XFCMC1006

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In 2008, the original Power Play Caiman Raw Power fairway wood debuted. It was designed to solve a common problem that many golfers experience - not being able to hit their #3 wood as solidly as their #5 wood. By increasing clubhead weight, reducing clublength, and creating a hotter face, the Rawpower allowed golfers to improve accuracy without sacrificing distance. Since the inception, the Raw Power has become our #1 selling and performing #3 fairway wood. The all-new 2012 Caiman X2 Raw Power takes those same principles and pushes it to the next level with a hotter face and improved aerodynamics for even longer and straighter shots.

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    Questions on Power Play Caiman X2 Rawpower Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

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    • From Adam at 12/20/2012 3:52 AM
      • I play the X2 rawpower 3 wood and need a 5 wood. My question is besides length what's the difference between the raw power 3 and the original caiman 3. Is their a rawpower 5 wood coming in 2013? If not what length club is suggested for the original caiman 5 wood, is the standard length good or would you also shorten it or use same length as the X2 and why either way?
      • Adam:

        Most customers don't struggle with a standard 5-wood, so we left well enough alone and did not create a "Raw Power" version. The Standard 5-wood is designed to be 42" (men's standard length with a graphite shafts), which is excatly the same as the Raw Power 3-wood. The difference is in the construction and material. The Raw Power version has a forged specialty lightweight face to increase ball speed. the 5 wood is a normal cast clubhead with no special features.
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    • From Eric at 2/4/2014 2:04 PM
      • Since the head weight is similar to a 5w is this built (i.e. tipped) like a 5w or tipped like a standard 3w?

        Mainly curious as this can effect the flex; if it's tipped like a 5w then the shaft should play to a normal flex. If its tipped to a 3w then it could play a little softer than stated flex due to the added weight of the head. Just wanted to know so I can buy the correct flex shaft.


      • Erik,

        For both tip trimming and length, you would treat the Caiman X2 Raw Power 3 wood as if were a 5 wood otherwise the flex will be softer than the manufacturer designed it for.
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