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Hireko Golf Debuts New for 2013 Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Irons

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July 10, 2013

Hireko Golf Debuts New for 2013 Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Irons

Golf Tips Magazine gave The Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Irons an Editor’s Pick award in their annual 2013 Golf Tips Annual Buyer’s Guide

City of Industry, California - Hireko Golf, one of the golf industry's most complete sources for golf clubs, components, clubmaking tools, supplies, and technical knowledge announced today the arrival of their new for 2013 Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Irons. Golf Tips Magazine stated in the 2013 annual Buyer's Guide, “ A crazy low price for a set of irons as good as more, ahem, expensive irons we’ve tried.”

The Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Irons are designed to propel the ball faster and further than ever before, and the high C.O.R. iron face provides the ultimate in distance. Progressively designed, the #3 and #4 Warp Speed Hybrid Irons possess a wider body to react much like a cross between modern day hybrids, utility or driving irons for ease of play. The #5 iron and down on into the wedges appear much like a normal iron design at first glance. However, there is actually an open space between the rear wall and the unsupported, super thin specialty face insert, which is devised to flex the face like a titanium driver to maximize ball speed and distance. The undercut channel further moves weight back away from the face as well as low for added stability.

Hireko Golf's Technical Director Jeff Summitt states, "Unless one was to cut the iron down the middle of the face, they would realize there is a hollow core between the rear wall and the face. This was done in order to push the weight back for even greater stability. Where this iron series shines is what we did to the face. By attaching a very thin specialty face insert to an unsupported frame, it allows the face to flex like a trampoline or the same reaction as a high COR wood. This is what provides it with more distance."

The custom assembled Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Irons are available in right hand 3-PW, AW, SW. They are available custom assembled online for $32.95 each at

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