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Hireko Quikfit Clubfitting System

What is the QuikFit Adapter system? It is a fast, affordable and realistic solution to custom fitting. The QuikFit Adapter system works this way. Using current Acer, Dynacraft, Power Play and iBella branded heads, the hosel is bored and threaded to accept the black anodized QuikFit adapter. The QuikFit adapter is tightened by twisting it into the hosel and resembles a professional finished club with a ferrule. The difference is once a shaft is epoxied and fully cured into the QuikFit adapter, it can be interchanged with several other heads to show how the head works in a controlled manner.





The weight of the head plus the QuikFit adapter as well as insertion depth is nearly identical to making up the same demo club the conventional way providing reliable results. Extra adapter are available so that a custom fitter can have nearly unlimited potential in providing a comprehensive fitting system that rivals any OEM fitting cart on the market today. In addition, the club fitter can pick and choose the components they want rather than what the manufacturers says that they require. In the past, custom clubmakers have relied on storing dozens if not a hundred demo clubs to fit potentially any customer that would walk into their shop. Not only is finding ample storage and labeling the clubs easily a logistical nightmare for a shop limited on space, but there is also the high cost of a head, shaft and grip for each club.

With the escalating price of shafts and even grips, providing your customer with choice is becoming cost prohibitive. While there are options on the market to be able to interchange shafts to heads the weight, insertion depth and position the shaft seats in relationship to the ground is not the same as building the club from scratch. Consider the cost for these adapters for an iron is much more expensive than the QuikFit system which includes the head. With the QuikFit system you can fit your customers quickly. While a QuikFit wrench is available, the shafted adapter can be screwed onto the head by hand in seconds and allow the player to hit real golf balls.

The QuikFit system is affordable as you can share gripped shafts onto each QuikFit adapter. Plus this solves storage issues. A handful of shafted QuikFit adapters and a small box of heads can do the same as rack of clubs and become portable at the same time. Best of all, with the QuikFit system you can fit your customers accurately with the correct combination of head, shaft and flex from your arsenal as the customer will see the results.

View Hireko's Technical Director Jeff Summitt's Videoblog explaining the new Quikfit Clubfitting System!

Turn a full rack of demo clubs into a portable and condensed fitting system costing a fraction of the cost.