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Hireko Golf Axglo Push Cart

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    QuikFit Deluxe Iron Package
    Model: QFDIP-001
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In the past, custom clubmakers have relied on storing dozens if not a hundreds of demo clubs to fit potentially any customer that would walk into their shop. Not only is finding ample storage a logistical nightmare, but there is also the high cost of a head, shaft and grip for each club. Providing your customers with choices quickly became cost prohibitive.

Now anyone can custom fit quickly and affordably with the QuikFit system. The QuikFit adapter is epoxied onto any standard parallel tipped iron, which can be interchanged with a selection of these specially bored 6 irons from this kit.

The Quikfit Deluxe Iron Package includes:

1 each QI3676A-006 Quikfit Power Play Caiman X2
1 each QI3680-006 Qukfit Power Play Caiman X2 Tour
1 each QFI303512-006 Quikfit Dynacraft Prophet CNC
1 each QI3303A-006 Quikfit Acer XF Iron
1 each QI3307-006 Quikfit Acer XF Pro Iron
1 each QI3308-006 Quikfit Acer XF HT Iron
1 each QI3489A-006 Quikfit Power Play Adrenaline
1 each QI3660B-006 Quikfit Acer XDS React Irons
8 each QF-001 Quikfit Iron Adapter
1 each QIL3303A-006 Quikfit LH Acer XF Iron
1 each QIL3307-006 Quikfit LH Acer XF Pro Iron
1 each QIL3308-006 Quikfit LH Acer XF HT Iron
1 each QIL3660B-006 Quikfit LH Acer XDS React Iron
4 each QFL-001-I LH Quikfit Iron Adapter
1 each QFWRENCH-001 Quikfit Wrench

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Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
QFDIP-001 Both #6 Variable Variable 265 0.370"