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Quikfit System

I want to introduce to you an exciting new fitting system from Hireko call QuikFit. It has been in the planning phase for quite some time and is now finally available. It comes at a moment when there has been no greater need for true clubfitting tools to take the guesswork at what seems like an infinite numbers of head and shaft combinations today. Your customers want to know immediately whether a product they are considering will work before purchasing - they just don't want to read or hear about it anymore. QuikFit gives you this security. Plus I want to show you how it can increase you sales and clubmaking efficiency.  

What is the QuikFit system?
In a nutshell, it is a quick and affordable solution to custom clubfitting. The purpose is for fitting only, much like most major brand fitting carts you see. It's designed to interchange heads with different shafts in order to find the best combination you or your customer might need. It is also an opportunity for curious clubmakers who want to experiment with different heads or shafts before committing to an entire set.

View Hireko's Technical Director Jeff Summitt's Videoblog explaining the new Quikfit Clubfitting System!


The QuikFit system works this way. Select Hireko branded (Acer, Dynacraft, Power Play and iBella) drivers and 6-irons are part of the program. These heads start out the same as regular production heads you would purchase, however they have been specially bored and then threaded to accept a QuikFit adapter. As we add more and more new models in the near future and beyond, we will have even a greater selection of clubheads to choose from.

The weight of the QuikFit head and adapter is the same as a normal head and ferrule combined providing a realistic fitting situation. Why is this important? When it comes time to build that same head and shaft combination, you know it can be duplicated.

The QuikFit Adapter
Each of the QuikFit adapters is labeled for your convenience. There is a model for the driver and one for the 6-iron, plus they have printed on the adapter whether they are for a RH or LH head. Don't worry, only one of these adapters is possible to fit into each QuikFit head. Drivers take any 0.335" shaft and the iron adapters take any 0.370" parallel tip shaft.

The QuikFit adapters are made of aircraft grade aluminum that has been anodized black. The reason is once they are installed on any of the QuikFit heads, they look like an ordinary ferrule to give it a professional appearance. The only difference is the addition of two 10mm slots. These slots are designed for the QuikFit wrench or you can also use a 10mm open end wrench. It is important to know the QuikFit adapters will not fit any other brand of club on the market. This system is exclusive for Hireko branded clubs and their customers. However, when you purchase any of the special QuikFit heads, it will include one QuikFit adapter as part of the price. Plus you'll also be able purchase extra adapters which are sold separately. I strongly encouraged to do so.

How does the QuikFit system vary from other fitting systems?
Unlike major name brand fitting carts, Hireko's QuikFit system is unlimited only to the imagination of the clubmaker. First off, there are no minimum buy ins required to start this program. Secondly, you are not stuck with a limited number or shafts and grips. You buy exactly what products you feel you can sell in your market and in what quantities - not us!

How can the QuikFit system save a clubmaking operation a lot of money?
The reason is you don't need a shaft and grip for every single situation - they can be shared. The money you save can be used for a greater selection of demos or money to run your business. Let's do a very simply example where we take 3 different head designs like our Acer XF series.

These come in a standard offset model, a reduced offset Pro model and a HT or high trajectory model. Remember, you don't want to duplicate when it comes to your demo clubs. We want to pair these with 3 steel shafts and 3 graphite shafts in each of different men's flexes. Therefore we are going to need two of each head, one for the steel and one for the graphite. Plus we also need a total of 6 grips.

Component Price Qty Total
Acer XF #6-iron $9.95 2 $19.90
Acer XF Pro #6-iron $9.95 2 $19.90
Acer XF HT #6-iron $9.95 2 $19.90
Apollo Shadow A-flex $3.55 1 $3.55
TT Lite XL R-flex $7.45 1 $7.45
T. T. Dynamic Gold S300 $13.80 1 $13.80
Apollo Shadow UL A-flex $14.25 1 $14.25
SK Fiber Tour Trac 80 R-flex $20.99 1 $20.99
UST ProForce Rv2 95 S $24.99 1 $24.99
Gold Pride Tour Velvet $3.30 6 $19.80
Total - 6 clubs     $164.53

As we can see from the chart, this cost of the components for the 6 demo clubs comes in round numbers to $165. None of the shafts are out of the ordinary and more in the average price range, plus the Golf Pride Tour Velvet is the most often found grip on the market.

In this situation, the clubmaker has to decide which shafts to go in which heads. Chances are the two S-flex shafts with go into the Pro version and the two A-flex shafts will go into the HT model, leaving the two R-flex shafts to go into the standard model. This would be logical thinking with the options we have at hand.

But inevitably in this scenario, someone will walk into this shop that is more suited to an R-flex, but doesn't want the offset. Of course, either of the R-flex shafts is installed onto the Pro model for the customer to try. Well, guess what? This is how additional demo club are born.

QuikFit Difference
Let me show you what the same amount of money invested into QuikFit demo clubs will get you. In this chart you can see that we have the exact same components. We have our 3 heads and our 6 different shafts. The difference is what the end result will yield the clubmaker.

Component Price Qty Total
Acer XF w/ QuikFit #6-iron $14.95 1 $14.95
Acer XF Pro w/ QuikFit #6-iron $14.95 1 $14.95
Acer XF HT w/ QuikFit #6-iron $14.95 1 $14.95
QuikFit adapters $5.95 3 $17.85
QuikFit wrench $1.95 1 $1.95
Apollo Shadow A-flex $3.55 1 $3.55
TT Lite XL R-flex $7.45 1 $7.45
T. T. Dynamic Gold S300 $13.80 1 $13.80
Apollo Shadow UL A-flex $14.25 1 $14.25
SK Fiber Tour Trac 80 R-flex $20.99 1 $20.99
UST ProForce Rv2 95 S $24.99 1 $24.99
Gold Pride Tour Velvet $3.30 6 $19.80
Total - 18 clubs     $169.48

Initially the QuikFit heads appear more expensive, but remember that each one comes with an adapter. Once we install each of the shafts onto the QuikFit adapters as I explained earlier, we have 6 test shafts or shafted adapters. Now it is possible to put each one of those 6 test shafts into any of the 3 QuikFit heads. Therefore, we have a total of 18 combinations of clubs for someone to fit their potential customers with.

If we wanted to make up those same 18 clubs in a demo program, it would cost the clubmaker $493.59. With the QuikFit system, you would be saving $320 in this simple example or 1/3 of the cost. Plus the savings are much more dramatic when factoring in drivers or the use of high end shafts.

Adding Demo Clubs
Another reason that makes the QuikFit system so attractive is the adapters. We have kept the cost low on purchasing extra adapters as an incentive to build up your demo program. Other adapter systems required separate adapters for the head and shaft, but remember the threading is already built into the QuikFit heads. That means you need only one adapter.

If you want to add a new demo club, it is simple as buying another QuikFit head or buying an adapter, shaft and a grip, but not all. Remember one demo becomes multiplied when combined with other heads or adapters. Increase your sales Whether fitting with the assistance of a launch monitor or simulator, out on the range or into a net, or even both, you will have many more possibilities available to your customers to try first hand and not guess what will fit them. Soon, your shop will be where all the better golfers will come to get the full custom clubfitting experience. That word-of-mouth advertising will soon bring a whole new clientèle through your door.

No more storage issues
One of the biggest problems for club fitters is finding ample storage for a shop limited on space. If you have rack after rack of demo clubs strewn all over the place, it can be a logistical nightmare find a particular item. The QuikFit system solves these storage issues. A handful of shafted QuikFit adapters and a small box of heads can do the same as rack of clubs. Let's say we had 5 different RH QuikFit irons along with 8 shafted and gripped QuikFit adapters. This would be the same as having 40 demo irons sitting in a rack.

Furthermore, if you had just 3 QuikFit drivers and 12 shafted and gripped QuikFit adapters, this would be the same as having 36 fully assembled drivers for your customer to hit.

The best part of the QuikFit system is it become portable at the same time. No more lugging around and endless supply of demos to the range. Instead, you can transport your entire fitting system in just a few boxes or whatever you feel works best for you.

Prior to epoxying your very first shaft into a QuikFit adapter, there are few steps and helpful tips you will want to take note of in order to get the most out of your fitting system. A full set of instructions are included with each purchase to guide you along the way. Make sure to read them first.

Usage and safety tips
Once you have completed the easy to follow steps to epoxy the shafts and install grips onto each of your QuikFit adapters, there are few safety tips to know before you start fitting your customers.

It is important to periodically check after every two or three shots the tightness of the adapter onto the head. The easy way to do this is grab the grip and simply twist the head loose and then re-tighten. You'll probably hear a click when it breaks loose. The reason for this is any shot that is struck out on the toe will cause the head to tighten onto the QuikFit adapter. You should be able to break the adapter loose from the head with your hands.

In the case you cannot like a severe toe shot or not breaking loose the adapter from the head and re-tightening after each 2 or 3 shots, the QuikFit wrench or a 10mm open end wrench can be used to break the head loose from the adapter. Remember the adapter is reversed threaded so you don't further tighten the connection rather than break it loose. If you are looking down on the head with the shaft up in the air, you want to turn the wrench clockwise for RH heads, and counter clockwise for LH heads.

On the flip side, shots struck near the heel may cause the adapter to come loose. This will occur more on driver than on the irons. In this case, never allow you or your customer to swing the club or hit a ball otherwise you can cause harm to other people or property in the vicinity. Simply re-tighten the head onto the QuikFit adapter so it is tight and then you can go back to hitting balls.

Go fit with the QuikFit
I hope I have shown how the QuikFit system can increase your sales and improve your clubmaking efficiency and in the same token save you money, time and fit your customer right the first time. Hireko's QuikFit system gives you the clubfitting tools which you can customize to your needs. This will allow you to succeed in your business and best your competition. Now go fit your customers!

Code Description Price  
QF-001-I QuikFit Adapter RH Iron $5.95 ea.
QF-001-W QuikFit Adapter RH Wood $5.95 ea.
QFL-001-I QuikFit Adapter LH Iron $5.95 ea.
QFL-001-W QuikFit Adapter LH Wood $5.95 ea.
QFWRENCH QuikFit Wrench $1.95 ea.
QTM12853, QTML12853 Acer XF Titanium Driver $64.95 ea.
QTM1287, QTML1287 Acer XF Draw Titanium Driver $64.95 ea.
QTM1288, QTML1288 Acer Leggera Titanium Driver $69.95 ea.
QTCM1276, QTCML1276 Adrenaline Titanium Driver $64.95 ea.
QI3303A, QIL3303A Acer XF Iron $14.95 ea.
QI3308, QIL3308 Acer XF HT Iron $14.95 ea.
QI3307, QIL3307 Acer XF Pro Iron $14.95 ea.
QI3660B, QIL3660B Acer XDS React Iron $14.95 ea.
QI3489A System Q Adrenaline Iron $14.95 ea.
QFI303512 Prophet Tour CNC Forged Iron $34.95 ea.