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Acer XS Titanium Driver (RH) 10.5° - Clubhead
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Acer XS Titanium Driver (RH) 12° - Clubhead
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Acer XS Titanium Driver (LH) 10.5° - Clubhead
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Acer XS Titanium Driver (LH) 12° - Clubhead
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Wow. A bargain, for sure. Review by Harry
I recently built a set of clubs for my teen son, who now wants to play golf. He is in the process of learning a swing that will last him for many years (he is putting in range time) and is real close in many respects to playing respectable golf. I built this set rather than buying a set figuring for an economic reason: two reshafts will be necessary before he matures. Anyhow, I hit a few shots with the XS driver and was very, very impressed. The driver lines up nicely, the ball flight is what I expected given the shaft, the sound is pleasant enough, the distance is up there with the big brands (I may have gotten even more yardage with a different shaft) and any slight mishit I had traveled almost the same distance as flushed hits. What's wrong with the driver? I really can't find anything wrong with it. I am really shocked at what this driver head gives for the $ spent. (Posted on 3/23/2017)
GREAT CLUB !!! Review by Fesser
Played with it first time today--long---very nice feel--hit a baby cut all day--didn't try to draw it but I'm trying to stick with the baby cut---more control and balance for me--nice trajectory--Very Solid feel---no tin cup here--Good Bye TM and Cobra drivers (Posted on 2/9/2015)
XS or G25? Review by Justin
My uncle's neighbor owns and loves his Ping G25. Upon hearing this, I decided that I could mimic the specs of the very expensive Ping with quality components from Hireko. 45.75" Acer XS 10.5* with an Acculite 60 graphite 'S' and Tacki-Mac Itomic Wrap to match the grips on his other clubs. The head is 5g lighter, the club is 3g heavier, SW is D3, and now my uncle's neighbor wishes he hadn't paid so much for his Ping. Anyone wishing to stay within USGA limits, and not go with the amazing Juggernaut, should definitely consider the XS or XS Leggera model drivers. (Posted on 12/30/2014)
Love it Review by Richard
Made the driver with a UST-Mamiya MP5 shaft. I was hitting a 47 inch Leggera with the same shaft and wanted to try something an inch shorter. I was killing it with the Leggera and expected to have to give up some distance with this club. I can honestly say that on good hits there's no difference in yardage...and I think I might be hitting more fairways with this. It usually takes me a couple of months to get used to a new driver, so I have no final opinion yet...but for right now, this is a definite keeper. I've hit all the usual suspects and that's why I wound up with the Leggera, and I think this one is another step up... (Posted on 10/8/2013)
Unbelievable Review by Fred
I have now put a half dozen customers in this club head, and I can honestly say that it performs incredibly. My last customer had been struggling all season to find the right combination of shaft and head. We had experimented with several heads and shafts, the shaft always was the problem when I asked Jeff Summit of Hireko Golf for some insight he recomended the Graffaloy Blue shaft in combination with this head

Talk about Wow factor for my client, he was amazed! This head gave him 20 yards more distance in combination with the new shaft and pin straight every time!

Every customer I have given this head to try is shocked at its amazing performance and myself as a club maker, thats what I want, satisfied customers that say Wow! (Posted on 10/5/2013)
My All-Time Favorite Driver Review by NORMAN
I am a professional clubmaker, and I built one of these for myself at 44 inches with an orphaned Penley 70 gram R flex shaft (Pured and FLO’d), and a GP New Decade Multi-Compound grip for $95.00. IT WORKS FOR ME!
My drives are solid and generally end in the fairway. I have no trouble turning the ball left or right, though this club (mine is 12 degrees) really wants to hit them straight. In real life, this driver’s looks are quite striking – I get a lot of favorable feedback from playing partners – and the sound conveys competence and quality. While I will readily agree that this is not the longest driver I’ve ever bought or built, it has become my all-time favorite. This from a a guy with a very strong Wishon bias!
Get one! If your clubhead speed is south of 100 mph, your local clubmaker/fitter can install a shaft that will make this club the perfect tee-box partner for you. (Posted on 7/29/2013)
Awesome Review by Mark
Boom! This driver is the absolute best driver I have ever hit. Long, with fantastic launch angle. I just went through a swing change at the same time I received my new driver and I am hitting longer than ever before. The sound off the club face is great and the look at address is superb. Forget all the hype and the bells and whistles of adjustable drivers. This club has huge forgiveness. Can't wait to try the hybrids. Fitting yourself to the right shaft is key. (Posted on 6/7/2013)
Acer XS Titanium Driver Review by Ernest
Because of a short golfing season in New York and after waiting several months for Hireko to get these drivers in stock I ended up purchasing one from another company. I matched my 10.5 degree head with a Grafalloy R-flex Blackbird shaft and finished it off with a $16.99 Secret Grip which I got for free. Not only does this driver look great but it hits and sounds great as well! I've hit a lot of brand name drivers in my day and I must say....the Acer XS Titanium is a match for any of them!
Would have given 5 stars if you had them in stock. (Posted on 5/8/2013)
Very Happy Review by Tom
It has been a while since I put a new driver together. I was playing with a Snake Eyes 653D that I assembled a few years ago. I looked at many heads and component companies and this the first club that I have put together from Hireko. An associate from Golfsmith actually told me about this company. So I used a UST Proforce V2 75 gram stiff shaft and Lamkin 3Gen standard grip and I am very happy with it. I have played 5 rounds and may have missed 10 fairways. And the ones that I missed I didn't miss by much. It sounds and feels very good and I added about a club in distance. (Posted on 5/4/2013)
Great Driver Review by Michael De Lillo
Hello, my name is Michael, I am the Owner/Founder of Go'N Golf'N.
Custom Clubs and repair. 31Yrs Experience.
I just recently purchased this driver for a Demo club for my customers.
I matched it up with the Apollo Balistik Graphite
Model: APGBAL, and Karma Black Velvet Mid size grip.
I Frequency matched and Spine aligned the shaft, Freq is (266)
I tested it against the Taylormade Driver, R1, and found this
Acer XS to feel just as good as the Taylormade.
Hit it just as far if not further, and more consistent. The ball flight was fantastic.
I have hit pretty much all the drivers that Hireko has on it's website.
and this Driver is a HOME RUN!!!. It's great for the Game improvement player
or the more experienced player, YES I would recommend this driver to anyone and all who is looking to have not only a Stylish Driver, but one that Preforms to it's highest level. For any advice, Please email me at:

Thank you Hireko

Michael De Lillo
Go'N Golf'N (Posted on 4/4/2013)

10 Item(s)

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