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Acer XS Titanium Thriver (RH) 14° - Clubhead
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Pretty Straight! Review by Randy
See they're out of stock today...I must have received one of the last ones!
Assembled the Thriver with a UST 65 Gold shaft - Fairways hit and balls left in play increased dramatically - 6 of 7 Fairways first time out (# was still in play) - Yesterday 10 of 14 Fairways (2 snap hooks and 2 OB).
I've never been long off the tee - about 195-200 yds and 30 to the right, now I'm 195-210 in the middle.
Great purchase - I banished the Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 away to the basement

Randy (Posted on 6/24/2016)
still working Review by Christopher
I'm following up on my earlier review from July 2015. The velocity shaft started to give of a disconcerting 'creaking' sound in the back swing. So I changed the shaft to an Apollo Acculite G70 but was not getting as much distance as I wanted. I put the club back in the garage and went back to the Jet Speed (which I cut down). I recently put in a project x shaft into the Thriver, and for the last four rounds I’m back in business. It’s amazing how well i hit this club. my long time playing partners are amazed at how accurate I’ve become. i have so much confidence with this club off the tee! The biggest drawback which can be hard to swallow is that I’m losing distance probably 20 – 30 yards on a good drive (that's why 4 stars). i'm consistently getting around 210 to 230 down the fairway, instead of 250 or more with a driver. But with my driver I’m only hitting 50% fairways at best, and the bad ones are just flat out awful (ob’s, trees right trees eft, etc). Even though I’m going into holes with longer clubs, i'm just much happier being in the fairway for 75% of the time, i'm just sticking with it. I like being likened to “Zack Johnson”, and hearing “Automatic” “Iron Byron” after every drive . if anything I’ll drop another club, add back my driver, and keep this as my go to club when there’s danger off the tee. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
Fairway Finder!! Review by James
I came on here to write a review of this head after playing with it today, but first I thought I'd glance at some other reviews to see what everyone else said, and I laughed when I read Christoper's review from 7/18/15 because it is almost VERBATIM what I was going to write! I too just finished my first full round with my Thriver. I had previously hit only hit maybe 20-30 balls with it at the range before, and occasionally on the course when it was a tight fairway or short hole. But today I decided to play the entire round with the Thriver because - like Christopher - my other driver has been misbehaving quite a bit lately. I can poke a drive 280-300 yards on a good hit, but I'm usually only good for around 40-50% fairways hit. Well today, guess what? I hit every single fairway except one!! Not only did I hit almost all the fairways, but nearly every shot was DEAD STRAIGHT UP THE MIDDLE and about 250-260 yards. And the one fairway I missed was only a few yards into the rough. Plus, there was about a 20-30mph wind which would push everyone's drives all over the place if they had even the slightest fade or draw on them. But I didn't have a problem, because every single one of my drives was perfectly straight right where I was aiming. I was afraid the Thriver wouldn't be as long as I needed it to be, but I was keeping up with (and sometimes outdriving) all the other guys in my group who were playing regular drivers. Hell, it almost got boring by the end of the round just having everything go straight up the middle every time! :)

I paired mine up with an SK FIber Tour Trac 90 shaft, stiff flex, 43.5" Length, and I can't say enough good things about that setup. If you have a fast swing and smooth tempo like me (mine is 105mph with driver, and about a 1.25 sec tempo) then I'd grab one of those shafts for $20 while they last! It is an insanely good shaft for the money. The radial CPM of those shafts is +/- 1 CPM in any direction, so they are very consistent and the quality control of SK Fiber is second to none.

-The reason I went with 43.5" instead of 44" is because I built this as a control club, so I figured the shorter the better when it comes to accuracy. Plus, you could easily make this 43" and still have it feel balanced because it's the same weight as a 3 wood head which is made to 43" at standard length.

-Be be sure to tip trim your shaft according to the 3 WOOD instructions rather than driver since this is essentially just an oversized 3 wood head.

If you have heard of these Thrivers but just haven't pulled the trigger on one yet, or if you haven't heard of them and you're reading about them here for the first time, I wouldn't waste one more minute debating whether or not to buy one. JUST DO IT. As long as you get the right shaft for your swing, I can pretty much guarantee you will improve your scores by hitting a lot more fairways. (Posted on 10/4/2015)
fantastic Review by Christopher
i've been struggling with my driver for a couple years, i bought a jetspeed taylor made about 6 months ago. i've had mixed results with this, some corking long drives over 300 yards, but mostly i'm left right etc. i miss too many fairways!

i just finished my first 18 with the xs thriver, 14 degree, with the acer velocity white shaft, cut to stiff, at 44 inches. i repeatedly hit the center of the club face, and hit just about all the fairways! my misses (if you could call them that) were minimal and did not put me in any danger. i cannot believe that i just had 75% genuine fairways. 2 of my drives were between 251 and 260, 6 of my drives were between 240 and 250, and the others were mixed but all over 220.

the game is so much easier playing from the fairway! I'll be playing again tomorrow and will report on any differences. i'm kind of in shell shock at what just happened! (Posted on 7/18/2015)
My favorite tee club Review by Joseph
I built an XS Thriver with an Acer Velocity shaft. 44" trimmed between R and S. I love this club. My best drives roll out to the 260 yard range and I rarely hit drivers any farther than that.
This thing is solid and has a good sound. Easy to control and great to look at.
Made a believer out of me. I'm 6'2" and 63 years old. Thanks for keeping me in the fairway Acer. (Posted on 2/24/2015)
forget the driver Review by james
Put this club together with a steel shaft. Used it three times. First time just on the back nine, hit 7 out of 7 fairways. Second time on the front nine, 6 out of 6. Yesterday left the tm driver in the trunk, 14 out of 14. It goes just as far as my driver went. Played with the longest driver in our group, single digit handicap. Out drove him several times, stayed with him the rest. Guess what, now i have to make him one. Thanks for this club. Best score for nine, 38. Doubled a par 3.
(Posted on 5/21/2014)
The Thriver is My Driver! Review by Andrew
Great feel from this driver. Made one with a UST Mamiya Competition Series Red shaft, it has a great ball flight and feel. Great for golfers trying a "square-to-square" golf swing that can "de-loft" a driver during impact. (Posted on 1/15/2014)
Stays in my bag! Review by Jim
As a clubmaker, I am always trying and demonstrating new drivers of different lofts and different shaft flexes. This is my favorite driver of all time! It has been in my bag for over 6 months now and it will NOT be replaced. I have it shafted with a UST Gold 65 regular flex shaft (I am almost 70 now) at 44 inches long and I hit fairways a lot further down than I used to. Great clubhead! (Posted on 10/29/2013)
Well Worth The Money Review by RICH
An excellent concept for a driver. Frankly, I don't want to share the idea with too many folks as I am enjoying watching my buddies pay me at the end of each round. Bottom line is the you'll hit more fairways and be more consistent off the tee. (Posted on 9/12/2013)
Point & shoot straight Review by Jeff
I had this head shafted up at 44.5" with an Xcaliber SL driver shaft and this thing is amazing! You point it where you want to go and it delivers! This Thriver was only yards shorter than my TM R1 driver! I could work the ball a little left and right, too. I was afraid that 14 degrees of loft and a 1 degree closed face would cause high hooks, but my fears were put to rest after hitting a few balls on the range then testing it side by side with my R1 on the course. I typically hit my driver all over the place at the end of a round due to fatigue and was no different this time, but the Thriver was still straight as a string all the way thru the round! Needless to say, the R1 is going in storage, while the Thriver is in the bag! The copper head mated with the Xcaliber SL shaft and a Winn Excel tan wrap grip make a very attractive package, too. I had several people on the range and on course comment on the looks and sound of the Thriver. It has that nice "tink" sound.........not too loud or too muted. Get one, you won't be disappointed. (Posted on 9/12/2013)

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