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Acer XS Titanium Fairway Wood (RH) #5 - Clubhead
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WOW! Review by Steve
I bought and built the #5 the Aldila NVS 65 (orange) shaft, took it out to the range and POW! POW! POW! the ball jumped off the face! Long and straight! The ones that had a little shape to them were my fault not the clubs. I had to track down the #3 head, put in the same shaft and the result was the same! Long and straight! Maybe the feel off the face isn't for everybody but I know they'll be riding in my bag for a long time! ACER/Hireko needs to make more of these heads! **BOOM** (dropped the microphone) (Posted on 7/25/2017)
Best yet... Review by Richard
I was hitting the Avatar (really liked them) low profile 3 and 5 woods with a Green Ghost shaft. I have trouble getting everything airborne these days. I hit the 5 wood fairly consistently and high, but the 3 was (as usual) a problem. Then I made these. I put a Leggera shaft in the 5 wood, and an Apollo Shadow FL in the 3 wood. The 5 wood turned out great, I probably won't change anything...the 3 wood, the shaft seems a little bit torque-y and I might change it after I play the club for a month or so. That being said, I have no trouble getting it up off the deck and it has a very nice trajectory. I love the way they feel. The ball comes off very hot and very straight with a good swing. I also made the driver (UST Mamiya MP5 shaft) and really like that as well...definite recommend for these fairway woods. (Posted on 10/8/2013)
Nothing longer!! Review by Jeff
These things are the bomb!!!! Shaft 'em up with what fits you and you will not be disappointed! I had both the 3 and 5 woods shafted up with Xcaliber SL fairway wood shafts and am happy I did! These things are long!! And they elevate easier than any fairway wood I've ever tried, and I've tried a bunch! A friend of mine has a set shafted up with the Booyah and those are hot, too. Another friend, who happens to be a scratch golfer and Dustin Johnson long met up with us at the range one day and we had him hit several fairway woods we had brought along for testing and he couldn't believe he was hitting this Acer longer and higher than anything else. He was knocking the 3-wood 265-270, straight as a string. He hit against a TM Burner, Ping Tisi, TEE XCG-V, Wishon 515 and 949, and none of them came within 10 yards of the Acer. Buy 'em, you won't regret it! (Posted on 9/12/2013)
Great FairWood Review by RUDE
Did a change out of my Tour Edge Exotics XCG 15 degree to this clubhead.
Shaft: Graphite Design X-Quad.
Made a more stable and solid feeling club from head to grip.
Dare I say- gave me back at least 5-10 yds!
After 3 rounds, I am gaining confidence in its ability from tee or turf....
(high hitting 8.3 index).... (Posted on 9/7/2013)
Very Nice Fairway Head, Better Than Any Name Brand Review by Nate
Being a master builder and fitter I have tried most fairway wood heads out there over the years, but I have to admit that this titanium fairway head is one of the best I have ever used. It produced more ball speed on the launch monitor than the favored cup face fairway wood I have been using. The feel is very solid and crisp. With the majority of the weight distribution being so low in the head it provides for a really great launch angle. Even though this 5 wood has a 17* loft the weight distribution makes it play much the same as a 19* head, but the major difference with this head is how the ball seems to leap off the high COR titanium face. The heavier sole weight also helps it slice through the turf a little easier as well. The combination of the heavier sole weighting and max COR face has turned a normal 5 wood into a boomer of a club, requiring very little swing effort to make it work well. This is a really great head well worth the price, because the result will be a premium fairway wood, providing a distinct fairway advantage, that no one else will have. Be assured I will be using my 5 wood advantage for some time to come. (Posted on 6/24/2013)
Best 3-wood I've ever hit Review by DaveT
In the words of one of my golf buddies, I have a new best friend. This is the best 3-wood I have ever hit. It has replaced a strong-3 that has been my favorite for over a dozen years. That one does a lot of things really well; the XS Titanium does the same things even better.

My usual miss with the 3w is a thin worm-burner. With the XS Titanium, the usual result of a thin hit is a hot bullet that goes straight and far -- if decidedly not high. It usually elicits a, "Nice shot," and I am the only one in my foursome that knows it was a miss. That's because Jeff Summitt has used the discretionary weight to get the center of gravity very low. While it is still possible to dead-top a ball (don't ask!), anything less than a dead top will have plenty of giddyap.

When I do get the clubface on the ball, the result is uniformly very good. Today I shot a personal best at one of our local course (Charleston Springs South for you Monmouth County folks). One of the reasons was the XS Titanium 3-wood. On the long, difficult (handicap 2) fourth hole, I was on the green in two. At almost 72 years of age, it has been several years since I could hit that green in regulation. In order to do it today, I had to hit the 3-wood 215 yards -- something else I hadn't done in a few years. Almost as impressive were three "good misses", two toe hits and a thin, that were as good as a normal shot with any other 3-wood I have used.

I ought to note that the shaft in the 3-wood is an SK Fiber Tour-Trac 80. I have Tour-Trac shafts in several fairway woods and a hybrid; they work great in that application. I've been a fan of SK Fiber's quality and value since the late 1990s, and look forward to their maintaining that under the Hireko tent.

I might also mention that my bag today had Jeff Summitt designed clubheads from driver through PW.
(Posted on 4/24/2013)
easy to hit and long Review by PAUL
I put the 3W together first since I wanted to test it out and see if I could elevate it enough off the deck -- it's no problem and I haven't been too consistent getting 14-15* FWs off the grass, but this one gets up in the air easily. And it's long off the tee as well. Has a nice, solid sound, too -- it's a great FW. I've got the 5W curing now and will bring it out to the course tomorrow to see how it feels. (Posted on 4/19/2013)

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