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Orlimar Golf V18 Driver

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Acer XS Titanium Driver - Clubhead

Acer XS Titanium Driver - Clubhead

Product Review (submitted on September 5, 2017):
I have always been very athletic over the years. Now that I'm in my 50s and my knees don't recover as fast. I decided to take up golf. My intention was to buy a used set of clubs and practice on the range etc. I bought an older set of Taylor Made aero burners. My few initial times at the range, i mainly focused on contact and compression of the ball. I always like to see how far I can hit the ball. I would pull out the big club, but I was a little disappointed to roll to the 200yd marker on a straight drive. Most of the time I was slicing 60yds off line. That mostly had nothing to do with the club.

I built a driver with a shadow FL shaft and Lamkin crossline midsize. I know that practice is helping me not swing a club like a bat or racket. I'm hitting straighter and a good contact on the club face is carrying the 234yd marker. I'm starting to feel confident enough a start playing some rounds.