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    Apollo 75° Single Bend Curved Putter Shaft
    Model: STSA12P3675

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Single Bend Curved 75d
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Single bend putter shaft fits putters with 90° bore to create a 75° lie angle. Works with either RH or LH putters.

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Questions on Apollo 75° Single Bend Curved Putter Shaft

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  • From ed at 12/17/2013 12:35 AM
    • im making am arm lock putter like the matt kuchar putter....im using a nike method core 04 head...will this shaft help me with the forward press and not affect the loft on the putter face.
    • Ed,

      As far as I am aware, no commercially available shaft will help you create what you are looking for as the hosel should be adjusted to accommodate the angles. This shaft would fit and create a more upright lie angle without offset. But if you tried to rotate the shaft to create a forward press, I am not sure what kind of lie you will eventually end up with. Even if you could rotate the shaft into a suitable position, you will not have adequate loft as the forward hand press to de-loft the head. You are best off looking at our Dynacraft Hindsight putter as it has a built-in forward press and the roll face will help take care of the loft issue.
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  • From DAVID TUTELMAN at 3/29/2014 7:52 AM
    • Not a question, but a possible answer to Ed's question:
      I've been playing with forearm support for a putter. (Actually, I made one -- with Dynacraft components -- in 2002, but I'm not serious about it now.) I have recently made another, and planned a few more. Some observations:

      (1) This shaft is not long enough. You will need something in the vicinity of a 40" putter to get good forearm support. Mine is 41", and I don't think I'd go below 38" or so. If you're short or take a stance like Michelle Wie, then maybe this shaft might work.

      (2) The 75* lie on this shaft is higher than for a normal putter. It's more like a belly putter. It might work for forearm support, but I'd want something closer to 72*, like a normal putter.

      (3) For a single-bend shaft like this, you can modify the effective loft by turning the shaft when you epoxy it. Instead of making it parallel to the face, turn it forward a little. (I will eventually figure out the formula -- how much turn for how much loft -- but I haven't done that yet.)

      (4) For a non-bend putter shaft, I change the loft on the putter itself. This approach will work where the shaft enters a hole in the head itself. I take a 3/8" straight reamer and change the angle of the hole, which can modify loft and lie. Do it slowly, a degree at a time, checking loft and lie until it's right. The hole will be big at that point. Epoxy will take care of it. (For a putter; you wouldn't want to trust a loose hosel to a full-swing club's impact.) Then you have to tilt the head while the epoxy cures, so the shaft sits at the new angle you just formed.
    • The biggest issue with forearm supported putters is loft as it delofts the putter to the point it is not usable.
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  • From hank at 6/22/2015 8:45 AM
    • What is the length from the end to the bend? I want to drill the hole for my putter shaft so that when I balance the shaft on my finger, the putter face is parallel to ground. The hole in the putter head is .50 deep.
    • Hank,

      The end of the bend from the tip is 50mm.
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