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    Acer XF Titanium Thriver - Clubhead
    Model: TM1289

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Acer XF Titanium Thriver (RH) 14° - Clubhead
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If you are missing fairways off the tee on a regular basis, then the Acer XF Thriver was designed for you. What exactly is a Thriver? If you combine the terms Three Wood + Driver you get Thriver. A 3 wood is more lofted and this cuts down on side spin, plus is shorter to enable you to have more control. On the other hand, a driver is approximately three times the size of a 3 wood which makes it much more forgiving on off-center shots. Plus you have the large confidence building, thin face that produces maximum distance. The Thriver has the best of both worlds when it comes to these two heads.

The Acer XF Thriver is a full 10g more than a normal driver to allow for a shorter, more controllable length that now has the proper amount of weight in your hands. Plus the addition of the supplementary weight produces even greater forgiveness making this the ultimate in control off the tee. Or yet another way think about is this is a fairway seeking demon.

The Acer XF Thriver is the 4th distinctive version to address yet another common challenge that faces golfers today. Thus making the XF line by far the most comprehensive driver line in the golf industry.

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    Questions on Acer XF Titanium Thriver - Clubhead

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    • From Robert Smith at 7/2/14 7:13 PM
      • Ordered XF Thriver component head and Apollo standard steel wood 125g shaft with standard Karma grip, Would you recommend 43"or 43,5' length? Will I get a headcover with component head or do those only come with assembled clubs? TKS
      • Robert,

        The recommended length for the Thriver with a steel shaft (men's standard) is 43". The headcovers are sold separately with any component purchase, but included on any custom assembled driver.
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    • From WB at 7/2/14 9:44 AM
      • Does this club conform with the USGA requirements? While I did see all the other XF clubs, I did not see this one? Also I did not see any of the XS clubs on the list. Are you no longer submitting your drivers to the USGA or have I missed something?

        I am hoping I missed something because I like your clubs very much.
      • WB,

        This was never submitted to the USGA. But the structure would be no different than we did for the standard, Leggera and Draw models in the series that would prevent it from being a conforming if we had.
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    • From Tomasz Radko at 10/17/13 1:07 PM
      • I will put Acer XF thriver on Acer Velocity shaft. How much tip to trim? Should I use instruction for 1W or 3W?
      • We would suggest trimming the same from the tip as a 3-wood due to the weight.
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    • From AP at 4/16/13 10:39 AM
      • How would you recommend assembling this club at 42" or 43". Heavier shaft and tip weight?
      • AP:

        We designed it so it would be 1" shorter than a typical driver or 44" for men. With a 65g shaft and normal 50g grip, you could expect a D3 swingweight. If you elected to go 1/2" shorter, it would still be in a normal swingweight range. However, if you wanted to go shorter than than, I would suggest a 5g tip pin to make up for the additional 1/2" shorter (43") and beyond that a heavier weight shaft.
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    • From SR at 2/2/13 1:17 PM
      • what is the recommended length for this assembled clus?
      • SR,

        With a 65g shaft, we generally recommend 44".
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    Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
    TM1289-001-1400 RH Driver 14° 58 d 210 1 d Closed 55 mm 460 cc 44 in 0.335"
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