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Transform Your Regular Sneakers Instantly to Golf Shoes!

A quick look at Quick Spikes – Portable Spikes for Your Sneakers

If you hadn’t noticed we have added a lot of new products to our website of late. Some of these newer items aren’t products that you would usually associate with a golf club component supplier would carry, especially our long-time customers. While we haven’t lost our focus that has helped us stay in business for over 30 years, we are expanding by offering more golf related items so we can be your one stop shopping source. One such item I would like to highlight today is Quick Spikes.

Quick SpikesWhen I first heard about Quick Spikes, the first thing that popped up in my mind was whether this is just another replacement spikes for your golf shoes that could be quickly replaced. When I received the sample to review and opened up the package, then it became apparent that these were overshoes with spikes to put over your sneakers, tennis or athletic shoes (or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods). These are more like the studded ice/snow cleats than they are the old time galoshes some of us old fogies may have worn as a kid.

These were well packaged fitting around a cardboard hang tag display unit providing simple instructions. They fit and stretched easily over my tennis shoes and they are very lightweight (70g / 0.15 lbs. each). Plus you really don’t realize they are your feet when walking on carpet or hardwood. That same night I received them I now had an excuse to go out and play 9 holes with them after work. They never came off during the round and again weren’t noticeable walking on the tee box, fairway, rough or green. Even on the green, I didn’t notice any unusual marks left by the spikes or other rubber material on the sole.


The manufacturer touts this for travel, but if you travel, you are likely to stuff your golf shoes in your bag or throw them in the trunk of the car. That is if you don’t take your own clubs due to exorbitant airline fees and use a rental set or borrow your friend’s or a family member’s spare set while you are visiting. Believe me they take up much less space than your smelly (well at least mine) pair of golf shoes.

I don’t think I would be wearing these for everyday play, but I did would put them in my bag with my rain gear just in case I forget my golf shoes and wanted extra traction on the course or out on the range. Believe me we have all forgot to bring our golf shoes before. The Quick Spike just gives you some added assurance.

The retail price for the pair is $24.95 so it is less than trying to find a cheap pair of discounted shoes when you are traveling. Quick Spikes is an interesting product with a purpose and is priced fairly.