2015 Sahara Golf Bags

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2015 Sahara Golf Bags

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    Project X Graphite
    Model: UPJX

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Project X 5.0 Graphite - Wood R+
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Project X 5.5 Graphite - Wood S
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Project X 6.0 Graphite - Wood S+
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Project X 6.5 Graphite - Wood X
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Project X 7.0 Graphite - Wood X+

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The all-new Project X graphite shafts are crafted with eight different premium composites including five of the best fiber types in the world. Each flex is built on a unique set of mandrels with distinct material lay-ups to achieve the optimum flex profile. This helps maintain the designed shape and performance characteristics of the shaft throughout the swing for consistent shot patterns, while each flex has a specific frequency, weight, torque and ball flight for maximizing a player's performance.

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Questions on Project X Graphite

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  • From Ron at 3/5/14 1:14 PM
    • How do the "FLEX" ratings of 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 etc. relate to what I'm used to of A, R, S. X,XS.
    • Ron,

      The 5.0 flex is a firm R-flex, the 5.5 is S flex, 6.0 is a strong S-flex, 6.5 is X flex and 7.0 is a strong X-flex.
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Model # Weight Flex Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Raw Length Ball Flight Parallel Tip Trim Code UPC
UPJX50-001-WR+ 60 R+ (5.0) 4.3 d 0.595 in 0.335" Parallel 46 in Mid 3 in W7  
UPJX55-001-WS 62 S (5.5) 3.7 d 0.595 in 0.335" Parallel 46 in Mid 3 in W7  
UPJX60-001-WS+ 66 S+ (6.0) 3.3 d 0.600 in 0.335" Parallel 46 in Low-Mid 3 in W7  
UPJX65-001-WX 69 X (6.5) 3.3 d 0.600 in 0.335" Parallel 46 in Low 3 in W7  
UPJX70-001-WX+ 69 X+ (7.0) 3.3 d 0.600 in 0.335" Parallel 46 in Low 3 in W7  
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