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Why Custom Golf Clubs Will Improve Your Game

Your golf game will improve with a set of custom golf clubs because you will have equipment that is specifically made not only to your unique physical characteristics but also to your playing abilities.

Need Proof?
Studies done by over 18 months have shown dramatic results for those golfers fit with custom golf clubs:

"More than 90 percent of the test cases reported improved performance with their custom-fit clubs. Mid-handicappers lowered their handicap by two or more strokes on average within a few short months. Elite players aren't necessarily scoring better (it's difficult to drop it much when you hover near scratch), but they're seeing greater consistency. Many players who were fitted strike their new clubs up to one full club longer with irons and 10 to 20 more yards on drives. They're having more fun playing the game, too. A poll of readers reveals similar satisfaction levels." - from

People Are Like Snowflakes, No Two Are Alike
Consider these differences between golfers:

  • In general, women golfers are shorter than male golfers and likely to have smaller hands and not swing as fast, therefore requiring more flexible shafts and smaller grips.
  • Golfers who are older may suffer from hand or joint related pain and may require grips that might be larger and softer. They may also need graphite shafts to help dampen some of the unwanted vibration at impact.
  • Golfers who are beginning or are less skilled should have different equipment than those who can strike the ball in the middle of the face on a consistent basis.
  • If you score is high, then you should seek as much game-improvement features into the clubs as possible.
  • Shorter golfers generally need shorter clubs and taller golfers more length.

All of these factors must be taken into account when purchasing a set of golf clubs. By properly fitting the golfer according their size, needs and ability the best possible golf set will be created yielding the lowest scores.

Purchasing Online Custom Made Golf Clubs is an Enjoyable, Simple Process
Our GetFit program can easily custom-fit you in less than 20 minutes from the convenience of your home. We have distilled the most important elements of custom club fitting into this state-of-the art custom clubfitting program.

Let's see how custom golf clubs fare against store bought clubs for distance and accuracy:

Club Custom Golf Clubs Golf Store Clubs Why Custom Clubs Will Improve Your Game
Driver Distance Longer Average Custom built golf clubs provide proper length for maximum distance and driver loft for desired ball flight trajectory
Driver Accuracy Straighter Average You will have more clubhead design choices as offset, carbon top, square profile and variable weighted drivers to dial in the straightest drives possible
Iron/Hybrid Accuracy Straighter Average Variables such as correct shaft flex/torque, head design and grip sizing will be optimized to your characteristics.
Chipping Accuracy More Accurate Average Custom wedges provide more choices in correct loft, metallurgy and design for your specific kind of short game.
Putting Accuracy More Accurate Average Custom putter designs featuring variable weighting, multi-metal construction and your choice of length and proper grip will ensure the straightest putts possible.

Hireko's large selection of customizable clubs and vast array of component products allow you to perfectly match the right equipment for you. More selection and expertise allows you to fine tune the ultimate set of custom golf clubs to lower your scores and improve your game!