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Winn DuraTech Golf Grip - Phenomenally Durable. Slip-Resistant. All-Weather Performance Hybrid Golf Grip

Winn Golf Grips

Winn DuraTech Hybrid Golf Club Grip Technology
Winn combined the best attributes of rubber (durability & responsiveness) and polymer (comfort & tackiness) to develop the best feeling, highest performance grip ever constructed.

Golf club hybrid grip technology merges multiple grip materials to achieve a unique and improved feel in each hand on the grip. With DuraTech, Winn created the first ever rubber/polymer hybrid grip. The result is DuraTech -- a phenomenally durable, slip-resistant, all-weather performance hybrid.

Winn Duratech Golf Grips

Winn DuraTech Standard Black/Blue Golf Grips Winn DuraTech Standard Black/Gray Golf Grips Winn DuraTech Standard Black/White Golf Grips
Model# RW155
Winn DuraTech Standard Black/Blue
Model# RW153
Winn DuraTech Standard Black/Gray
Model# RW154
Winn DuraTech Standard Black/White
$8.99 each $8.99 each $8.99 each
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