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Hireko Golf Debuts New Acer Super Leggera Shaft

New shaft sports ultralight performance for under $20

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – August 18, 2011 – Hireko Golf today announced the arrival of the new Acer Super Leggera Shaft. The hot new Acer Superleggera graphite shaft features 50g performance for under $20.

Designed for overall lighter and longer drivers in mind, this super lightweight design will deliver on increasing both clubhead speed and distance off the tee. Paired with the 190g Acer XF Leggera, assembly length can be 47 inches and create normal swingweights, while 46 inches with standard 200g heads. The raw length is 45” long and the beauty of this length is that it may not require any trimming at all to achieve a super light (270g) / super long (47”) driver for maximum speed and distance.

The Acer Superleggera is a mid launching shaft with a stable tip section. It joins the growing number of products in the ultra lightweight category that Hireko carries from the likes of Aldila, Apollo, Grafalloy, Graphite Design, SK Fiber and UST. If your goal is more speed and distance, the Acer Superleggera is yet another option to choose from.

The new Acer Super Leggera Shaft can be purchased online for $19.95 each at