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Build Your Own Golf Clubs With The Hireko Golf
"Basics of Golf Clubmaking Video Series"

New To Golf Clubmaking? Follow Our New Clubmaking Video Series!

Hireko Technical Director Jeff SummittHave fun and learn how to assemble a custom golf club, while getting started In custom golf clubmaking in just a few short minutes. The "Basic Golf Clubmaking Video Series" of easy to understand and step-by-step golf clubmaking videos are taught by Hireko Golf's Technical Director Jeff Summitt. Jeff will walk you through all the basic steps required and show you how to build aDownload the Hireko Golf Catalog golf club from golf components. The benefits of assembling your own golf clubs are many from the financial rewards to being able to match the components and their specifications specifically to your swing characteristics, naturally lowering your scores. In addition, assembling golf clubs from components in a great new hobby that not only you can enjoy and perfect throughout your lifetime, but can potentially become profitable as well.


What Will the "Basics of Golf Clubmaking Video Series" Teach Me?Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking
- Show you all the materials and tools needed to get started
- How to tip trim and properly abrade a golf shaft
- How to properly install, epoxy and turn down ferrules
- How to cut a golf shaft to length
- Final clean up

For more detailed information on golf clubmaking, refer to Jeff Summitt's best-selling book,
"The Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking"

Basics of How To Assemble a Golf Club Videos

Basic tools needed for the "How To Assemble a Custom Golf Club" series include:

  Bench Vise      
Vinyl Shaft Clamp #RAVC $2.35 each
48" Clubmaking Ruler #MH162994 $9.95 each
  Tubing Cutter      
Rod Saw Blade #GG12-50T $5.50 each
Utility Knife #MIT051 $4.95 each
Golf Ferrule Installation Tool #FBLOCK $19.95 each
  Catch Basin      

Basic supplies needed for the "How To Assemble a Custom Golf Club" series include:

24-hour, high strength Golf Shafting Epoxy #EP05 $7.95 each
  Sandpaper (Coarse 80-110 grit, Medium 150-180 grit)      
  Masking Tape      
Two-Way Golf Grip Tape #PIP $0.50 per strip
  Felt Tip Marker      
Golf Grip Solvent #SV04 $3.95 each
  Paper Towels      
  Golf Ferrules   Starts $3.00 / dozen
  000 Steel Wool      

Part 1. Getting Started With Golf Clubmaking Video

Contents of this first video on how to assemble a golf club include the tools and materials needed to get started plus handy tips to make sure you always begin your assembly process correctly.

Part 2 Test Fitting Golf Components

Contents of this second video will teach you proper pre-assembly techniques. It is always a wise practice to check the fit of the head and shaft prior to building your golf club.

Part 3 How To Read Golf Shaft Trimming Instructions

Contents of this third video will explain how to read and understand tip trimming tables so you know how properly tip trim a golf shaft.  With golf shafts becoming more and more expensive, one tip trims the golf shaft (if any is required) so the shaft plays the flex as the manufacturer and you don’t make an expensive mistake.

Part 4 How To Tip Trim A Golf Shaft

Contents of this fourth video will demonstrate how to tip trim steel golf shafts and how to tip trim graphite golf shafts manually.  For a steel shaft, we are going to use our tubing cutter; the preferred method when cutting a golf shaft by hand. However, to safely cut a graphite or composite golf shaft, we will use a rod saw blade to avoid cracking or splintering what could potentially be a very expensive shaft.

Part 5 How To Properly Abrade or Sand a Golf Shaft Tip

Contents of this fifth video will demonstrate how to properly abrade (prep, sand or roughen) the tip of a golf shaft manually. For both steel and graphite shafts, we are going to use different grits of sandpaper using a shoeshine method. When done properly, this will allow a proper surface for the epoxy and not cause damage to the shaft at a later date.

Part 6 How To Install A Golf Ferrule and Apply Epoxy Onto A Golf Shaft

Contents of this sixth video will demonstrate how to install a basic golf club ferrule as well as epoxy the golf shaft onto a golf clubhead. In  this segment, we are going to use a golf ferrule installation tool to get the ferrule started. Jeff will also demonstrate measuring and mixing 2-part high strength golf shafting epoxy the right way for a long lasting bond.

Part 7 How To Turn Down The Ferrule On a Golf Club

Contents of this seventh video will explain one the most common steps that beginning clubmakers either dread or avoid doing altogether and why it is important how to do this in the assembly process. In this segment Jeff will demonstrate how to properly finish or turn down a ferrule by hand using normal items such as acetone, steel wool and sandpaper.  Their usage will depend on how severe the lip is against the top of the hosel.

Part 8 How To Cut A Golf Shaft To Length

Hireko Golf’s technical director Jeff Summitt will demonstrate how to cut a golf club to length manually from the butt end.  You will find out first how length is measured to obtain our final length and account for the additional length of the grip cap. For a graphite shaft, we are going to use our rod saw blade and a tubing cutter for the steel shaft; the preferred methods when cutting a golf shaft by hand. 

Part 9 How to Install a Golf Grip

Hireko Golf’s technical director Jeff Summitt will demonstrate how to install a golf grip in four simple steps.  In this exercise you will need some basic materials starting with a bench vise, vinyl shaft clamp, double-sided grip tape, solvent and a catch pan to collect any excess solvent.

Part 10 Final Golf Club Assembly Steps

Hireko Golf’s technical director Jeff Summitt will discuss some of the final assembly steps to provide that professional appearance.  He will also share some insight once you have started to build golf clubs from component parts something to strive for to get the most out of you newfound  hobby or on your way to becoming a professional clubmaker in the future.

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