Golf Mats at Hireko Golf

Are you in the market for a golf mat or putting mat for home?  At Hireko, we offer 5 golf mats to choose from. These are ideal to hone your skills year-round and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Let's break these down into two categories: a golf hitting mat or an indoor putting mat.

Golf Hitting Mats

Orlimar Residential Golf MatBest Home Golf Mat

Orlimar offers a few different varieties of golf hitting mats.  The first is like a typical driving range mat that simulates playing on a well-groomed fairway. The Orlimar Residential Golf Mat measures 3 foot by 5 foot so it takes up less space and still provides enough room to hit full shots even with a wide stance with a driver. There is a pre-cut hole for a rubber golf tee which one is included.

The total thickness of the golf practice mat is ¾" with ½" being the nylon, artificial turf and the remainder being the foam padding at the base. The best use is on any hard flat surface like concrete, tile, or a wooden deck. If you are using it indoors, carpeting will work too as you have a firm, flat surface beneath it.

OptiShot Golf MatBest Home Golf Mat for OptiShot Golf Simulator

The second is Orlimar's OptiShot Golf Mat. It is the same material and thickness as the Orlimar Residential Mat, but with a pre-cut hole in the hitting pad to house the OptiShot’s infrared sensor base (which is sold separately). You can play anytime, rain or shine, day, or night with the OptiShot home golf simulator.

These are available in two sizes: a 3 foot by 5 foot mat and a more spacious 4 foot by 5 foot hitting mat. Again, lay the OptiShot mat on any flat hitting area and the foam backing will keep the mat from moving. Make sure to measure the area you will be setting up your golf simulator for home so you know what size will fit and allow you to enjoy it. Keep in mind where any electrical outlets are located.

Orlimar Triple Height Hitting MatTop Affordable Portable Hitting Mat

The third is a 3 in 1 golf practice mat.  The Orlimar Triple Height Hitting Mat as the name implies has 3 different hitting surfaces so you can work on all parts of your game. The tallest section acts as the tee box, and you can Insert a real golf tee into the artificial grass just as you would on a regular course and at your preferred tee height!  How awesome is that?

The middle section is to simulate the rough and there is a different depending on which direction you hit a golf ball. You have the option of hitting into the grain or turn it around and you can hit with the grain.  You will notice a difference in distance and feel just like you would be hitting off real turf. The last section simulates tight lies from the fairway. These two sections allow you to practice with all your other clubs as well as pitching and chipping.

This portable golf mat folds quickly for easy storage and for travel. Unfolded, it measures 24" x 16" x 1.5", but when folded it is 16", x 8" x 3.5". It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and includes 6 restricted flight foam practice balls and 6 wooden golf tees.

Indoor Putting Mats

Intech 3 Hole Portable Golf Putting MatTop Home Putting Green - Golfer's Pick

If you are looking for a portable putting mat for the home or office, we offer two models, and both have their distinct advantages. Let's first look at the Intech 3 Hole Portable Golf Putting Mat. This kidney-shaped mat measures 9 foot long and 3 feet wide with a non-skid backing and can be rolled up for storage.  There are no alignment marks on the putting surface allowing you to change to different angle and distances without any visual interference. 

It is the perfect putting mat with realistic green speeds to what you will encounter on the course. There is a small incline, and the holes are smaller than a regulation golf hole making it more challenging so when you go to the course you have more confidence in your putting.

Best Golf Putting Mat

Our second is the Orlimar Golf Deluxe Putting Mat and the unique putting surface allow you to track the path of your golf ball while you practice putting! It works this way, when you putt the golf ball will leave a faint track on the surface as the ball rolls. Then you can simply wipe it away with the grooming brush which is included.

Orlimar Deluxe Golf Putting Mat

Unlike the Intech golf putting mat, the Orlimar version has many alignment lines, targets, and marks so you can practice from known distances. The putting track measures 10 foot long and 18 inches wide, narrow enough to practice in a hallway for those who are tight on space. The putting cups are portable so you can have unlimited options when practice putting. To make it more challenging, there are two adjustable wedges allow you to increase the difficulty by creating breaking putts. When not in use, you can roll it up, secure it with the elastic band and store it.

Where should I use my putting green?

These are best on hard surfaces and used indoors.  If you decide to use one outdoors, make sure to bring it in during inclement weather.

How do I maintain my indoor putting green?

Very basic maintenance is required. You can vacuum or use a lint roller. When not in use, each golf putting mat can be rolled up and stored until you are ready to practice your putting again.

Practice Anytime

We have shown you five different golf mats with each has a unique purpose.  So, whether you are looking for a golf training mat or a practice putting green for the home, we have you covered. Hireko carries many other golf accessories too.