A guide to golf bag dividers

A Guide to Golf Bag Dividers

Dividers are a quintessential part of a golf bag and help to untangle your clubs and/or grips when inserting or removing the clubs from the bag. You can see as little as one or two dividers such as those found in Sunday bags where you are carrying an extremely limited number of clubs, to 14-way and 15-way dividers and everything in-between. Fifteen you say. Yes, you are legally allowed to carry fourteen clubs, but you can have the added space dedicated for a golf bag umbrella, ball retriever or alignment sticks.

Get Organized

Putter pitThe more dividers a bag has, the less noise and damage occurs from clubs clattering against one another when you carry the bag, transport them in a push cart or motorized golf cart.  Plus, it is a terrific way to organize your clubs and make it easier to find. Typically, your longer clubs will be positioned closest to the end where the bag strap or handle is located, whereas the wedges or shortest clubs are located at the opposite end. A bag may have a dedicated putter pit (or putter well) that may be larger to accommodate today's larger putter grips.

Sectional versus Full Length Dividers

While the top may show the number of individual dividers or slots there are, there is one more piece of information you want to be aware of. Oftentimes, the dividers do not all go down to the bottom of the bag  Instead, you may see sectional dividers that go full length (like shown in the diagram with the yellow dotted lines). Limiting the number of dividers helps save weight as there would be less overall material used in the construction. Not only does limiting the number of dividers save weight to make it easier to carry, but it reduces cost.

Sectional versuse Full Length Divider

Golf bags have come a long way since I first started playing golf. A quality golf bag can service your needs for several years if you take care of it and why it is important to do your homework before purchasing one. At Hireko, we carry a wide range of golf bags including Cart, Stand, Sunday, Mini and Junior to fit any golfer's need.