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Hireko Golf Grip Sizing Calculator

Let's face it, grip sizing can be confusing. It is a battle converting between fractions like 1/32" and +1/16" and decimal readings for butt diameters such as 0.580" and 0.600". The Hireko Golf Grip Sizing Calculator can tackle this problem and assist you in only a few simple steps by showing you what the final grip size will be in your club assembly or when re-gripping. All you need to do is enter the grip core size, shaft butt diameter, starting grip size and how many wraps of build-up tape you may want to add (if any). Click the Calculate button and instantly have your answer!Mobile Golf Grip Sizing Calculator

This is a different calculator than measuring your hand size and your longest finger and suggesting a grip size - although we are working on that.  This Grip Sizing Calculator is figuring out what the result will be prior to installing the grip and tape onto the shaft.  It is not uncommon to mix and match different shafts for your driver, fairway, hybrid, irons, and wedges many with different butt diameters, yet using the same grip throughout and expecting the sizing to match. For example, you have a driver shaft with a 0.615" butt diameter and irons with a 0.600" butt diameter, you can figure out how many wraps of build-up take will be necessary to obtain a +1/32" butt diameter.  That is just one of the ways you can use this calculator.

This is an updated calculator that more accurately states grip size.  No generic results like "midsize" golf grip or "jumbo" golf grip, but actual sizing and fractions you may not have ever seen before like +5/32".

Hireko Driver Loft Calculator

Looking for the proper lofted driver for your game? Look no further as Hireko has provided you with a tool to help optimize the correct loft for your driver. As launch monitors have become more common in fitting, we have found there is a certain window in which the ball should leave the clubhead.  The Hireko Golf Driver Loft Calculator helps you select a loft range that is right for you.

For best and more accurate results, we suggest inputting your driver swing speed.  The reasons are golfers tend to inflate their driver distance yardage off the tee or may not yet have the technique yet to solidly hit the ball to know their full potential.

Optimum Driver Launch Angle


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