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Hireko Golf Debuts New Dynacraft Hindsight II Putter

The Next Step In Advanced Putter Technology Has Arrived

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA - August 24, 2012 - Hireko Golf today announced the arrival of the new Dynacraft Hindsight II Putter. The Dynacraft Hindsight II mallet putter was scientifically designed to get the ball rolling forward sooner by using two key features in unison – a forward press and roll face technology. The forward hand press creates a fluid, rhythmic stroke, but more importantly it keeps the hands moving through the stroke. The Hindsight II putter incorporates a 3 degree forward press or just enough to position the hands even with the leading edge.

Hireko Golf's Technical Director states, "With roll face technology as incorporated into the Dynacraft Hindsight II Putter, it normalizes the effective loft at impact to create the proper amount of loft to extract the ball from any indentation and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible for better distance control. Lastly it is completed with grooves into the roll face as well as face balanced. The Dynacraft Hindsight II is a unique putter producing extraordinary results!"

The new Dynacraft Hindsight II Putters are available in right hand and can be purchased custom assembled online starting at $44.95 each at

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