6 Free Interactive Clubfitting Calculators To Help You Build Better Clubs & Score Lower

Take the guessing game out of creating the best golf clubs for your game.

Looking for interactive online golf tools to help you choose the correct golf shaft flex or driver loft? How about a golf calculator to help you choose the correct length for your clubs or grip size? Hireko has 6 interactive golf clubmaking tools to help stop the clubfitting guessing game and put you in charge of creating the ultimate set of custom golf clubs. Choose from club fitting, driver loft, grip sizing and swingweight.

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Get Fit - Free Custom Fitting!

Need help choosing the correct shaft flex, grip size, club length and even lie for your game? The GetFit module was designed to help you choose these parameters for your particular game. This interactive golf calculator utilizes in depth questions to dial in these important clubfitting parameters.

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Driver Loft Calculator

Looking for the proper lofted driver for your game? Look no further as Hireko has provided you with a tool to help optimize the correct loft for your driver. As launch monitors have become more common in fitting, we have found that the correct loft for your driver is extremely important and the old rules of "lower lofts are better" are no longer necessarily true.

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Golf Grip Size Calculator

Confused on proper grip sizing or need help determining how to achieve a certain size for you or your customer? We have provided you with two Hireko Golf Grip Size Calculators. One is for clubmakers to what the final grip size will be or to create custom grip size and the other is to assist you in purchase the correct size grip.

Let the Hireko Grip Sizing Calculator assist you. In only a few simple steps, we can show you what the final grip size will be. All you need to do is enter the grip core size, shaft butt diameter, starting grip size and how many wraps of build up tape you may want to add (if any). Click the Calculate button and presto...you instantly have your answer!

The Karma Golf Grip Size Calculator help you to find the right grip sized based on your hand size, finger length and how you hold the golf club.

Swing Weight Calculator

You do not have a swingweight scale? No problem, we have provided you with two Hireko Golf Swingweight Calculators to furnish you with the information you are looking for. They are fast, fun...and best of all, free! Input a few variables into the calculator and presto, you have your results.

The Hireko Golf Assembled Golf Club Swing Weight Calculator is designed to measure fully assembled clubs. All you need is to weigh the club and measure the balance point. It's that simple!

The Hireko Golf Club Building Swing Weight Calculator is for clubmakers to input several variables prior to assembly and see what the result would be or see if you will achieve your desired swingweight.

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