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    Acer XV Iron - Custom Assembled
    Model: XI3716A

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The standard XV is designed to fit the broadest range of golfers and instill confidence into their game. Features ample offset to help the player square up the face at impact and the enhanced heel-toe weighting enables players to hit both straighter and more solid shots.


Club Loft Lie Offset Standard Length* Available
#3 Iron 20º 60º 8.0 mm 39" RH
#4 Iron 23º 61º 7.5 mm 38.5" RH & LH
#5 Iron 26º 62º 7.0 mm 38" RH & LH
#6 Iron 39º 62.5º 6.8 mm 37.5" RH & LH
#7 Iron 33º 63º 6.5 mm 37" RH & LH
#8 Iron 37º 63.5º 6.0 mm 36.5" RH & LH
#9 Iron 41º 64º 5.5 mm 36" RH & LH
PW 45º 64º 5.0 mm 35.5" RH & LH
GW 50º 64º 4.8 mm 35.5" RH & LH
SW 55º 64º 4.5 mm 35.25" RH & LH

* Men's standard length with steel shaft.  Ladies length is 1" less. Graphite shafts are an additional 1/2" longer.

Proudly custom assembled in the USA

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Questions on Acer XV Iron - Custom Assembled

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  • From AZ Lefty at 8/3/2015 3:58 PM
    • Will the XV's ever be available in LH with the HT or Pro model?
    • AZ Lefty,

      I wouldn't count on LH being available in the other two options in the future. However, we do have the Acer XS available in LH in the HT and Pro version.
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  • From James at 5/23/2017 4:23 PM
    • Using standard length clubs, I have determined that I would benefit from a 2 degree upright lie adjustment (my lie is too flat (more of the toe hits the ground) and is part of the reason that I hit balls to the right). But, due to my height and wtf length, I'd like to order clubs that are 1" longer than standard. Some say that adding 1/2" of length will make a club play 1 degree more upright. Others disagree. So, if I order clubs that are 1" longer, have I handled the lie to flat issue, I should I order clubs that are 1" longer and 2 degrees upright? I will probably order 1 club to test it. Thanks.
    • James,

      Length and lie are interrelated so when the club becomes longer, the lie becomes effectively more upright. If you look at the progression of lie in a set, the lie is flatter the longer the club.

      My best advise it to get the length that feel the most comfortable and give you the best solidness of contact. Then adjust the lie accordingly.
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XI3716A-004 RH       0          
XI3716A-005 RH       0          
XI3716A-006 RH       0          
XI3716A-007 RH       0          
XI3716A-008 RH       0          
XI3716A-009 RH       0          
XI3716A-10P RH       0          
XI3716A-15A RH       0          
XI3716A-20S RH       0          
XIL3716A-004 LH       0          
XIL3716A-005 LH       0          
XIL3716A-006 LH       0          
XIL3716A-007 LH       0          
XIL3716A-008 LH       0          
XIL3716A-009 LH       0          
XIL3716A-10P LH       0          
XIL3716A-20S LH       0          
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