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    Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper (RH) - Clubhead
    Model: CP62A
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The Dynacraft Hindsight chipper was created for recreational golfers who struggle with chipping around the green with conventional clubs. If you or one of your customers routinely chili dips, double-hits or can’t keep the ball on the green when you chip, then this is the club to provide the proper chipping technique. First, you need to understand what a chip is. A chip is a firm-wristed stroke that is designed to hit the ball low, carry a short distance and then run out. To successfully chip, the ball is placed back in the stance with the hands forward so you hit down on the ball and the hands lead all the way. It is a short, firm stroke requiring no (or very little) use of the wrists. Most golfers are taught to chip with an 8-iron, 9-iron or PW depending upon how far they are from the ball. If you look at proper chipping technique in videos, you will find that the shaft is leaned forward @ 7 degrees. The Dynacraft Hindsight chipper has this built in and takes in account the loft with a 9-iron de-lofted to put one in a good starting position. The head weight of the Dynacraft Hindsight chipper is heavy, closer to the weight of a putter. The purpose is two-fold; allow for a shorter, more controllable length plus making it much more difficult to be “wristy” and allow the clubhead to get in front of the hands at impact. The Dynacraft Hindsight chipper takes an unconventional approach to solve a common problem. While is doesn’t conform to the Rules of Golf, it is a perfect club for recreational golfers who simply want to enjoy the game.

Requires a 0.370" steel shaft to fit over the post

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Questions on Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper (RH) - Clubhead

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  • From Don Hatten at 2/19/2016 4:19 AM
    • What shaft and grip do I need to buy in order to assemble this club?
    • Don,

      You can use any 0.370" steel putter or iron. If you go with an iron shaft, make sure to trip trim as if it were a wedge. As far as grips, use a regular swing grip; not a putter grip.
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  • From Dale at 3/9/2016 10:08 AM
    • I noticed that this club is center shafted and non-conforming. Would it be possible to offer a driver head that is also center shafted? It would not conform to the current rules but I think it would be the most playable driver head ever created!
    • Dale,

      I have hit a center shafted driver before and it was probably without doubt one of the worst feeling and worst performing clubs I think I have ever hit. I would leave the center-shafted hosel position to slower swung clubs like putters and chippers.


      Jeff Summitt
      Technical Director
      Hireko Golf
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Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
CP62A RH Chipper 33° 71 d 340     34 in 0.370"  
Shipping Length (inches) Shipping Width (inches) Shipping Height (inches) Shipping Weight (pounds)
8 6 4.5 1.2