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    Modern Guide to Golf Clubfitting
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This all-new text is written by Hireko's Technical Director Jeff Summitt who has spent more than 20 years helping fit and educating fellow golfers in selecting the proper equipment for their game. This is a modern approach that details the different concepts of fitting and applicable to professional club fitters down to those that simply want to learn more about the equipment they play. Covers everything you want to know and more about custom fitting, including: getting started, the personal interview, cause and effect relationships, a comprehensive discussion on clubhead anatomy, grip sizing and materials, role of the shaft, vital importance of length and weight as well as complete step-by-step fitting breakdown for each clubhead category set in a logical sequence.

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    Questions on Modern Guide to Golf Clubfitting

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    • From Jeff at 10/6/2015 7:17 PM
      • Has the Junior Height Based fitting chart been updated or change since the previous version copyright 2007 ?
      • Jeff,

        Yes, it has changed slightly, plus has a better explanation of the lengths based on head weights.
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    • From Kelly at 12/6/2015 11:07 AM
      • Hi Jeff,

        Any chance of you posting (or sending me) a copy of the table of contents for this and your clubmaking book? I would like to see what topics are covered.

      • Kelly,

        Here are the titles for the chapters below:

        Chapter One: Understanding the Concept of Fitting
        Chapter Two: What Does Your Club Fitting Operation Need?
        Chapter Three: The Personal Interview
        Chapter Four: Fitting for the Right Set of Tees
        Chapter Five: Choosing the Perfect Set Make Up
        Chapter Six: The Basics of the Swing
        Chapter Seven: Clubhead Geometry in Pictures (Irons and Wedges)
        Chapter Eight: Clubhead Geometry in Pictures (Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids)
        Chapter Nine: Grip It and Rip It with Confidence
        Chapter Ten: Sorting Through the Confusion of Shafts
        Chapter Eleven: Length is Ground Zero When Fitting
        Chapter Twelve: Weight and Weight Distribution
        Chapter Thirteen: Understanding Dynamic Lie Angle
        Chapter Fourteen: Driver Fitting - Let the Big Dog Eat
        Chapter Fifteen: Putter Fitting - The Fastest Way for Your Score to Sink or Swim
        Chapter Sixteen: Iron Fitting
        Chapter Seventeen: Wedge Fitting – Clubs with 45º of loft and above
        Chapter Eighteen: Fairway Fitting - An Afterthought for Many but an Extremely Important Category
        Chapter Nineteen: Hybrid Fitting
        Chapter Twenty: An Insight on Women’s Golf Equipment
        Chapter Twenty One: Junior Fitting
        Chapter Twenty Two: Ball Fitting

        The clubmaking book's TOC is very detailed and too long to cut and paste.
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