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    1. Weight Screws for Acer XV Series 2 Grams

      Model# GTM1285

      Weight Screws for Acer XV Series

      Starting at: $4.95

      These screws are designed to fit the Acer XV series clubheads with weight ports. Color coded (white dot = 2g, black dot = 12g, orange dot = 7g) for easy visual recognition. Requires 4mm Allen wrench. Learn More
    2. Trigger Sprayer for Solvent

      Model# TS800-001

      Trigger Sprayer for Solvent

      Convenient Trigger Sprayer for 32 ounce BGSV and Dynacraft solvent bottles. Spraying solvent is more efficient by creating less waste and time for clean up. Learn More
    3. Tour Lock Pro Plus Counterweight - 50 g

      Model# TLPP

      Tour Lock Pro Plus Counterweights

      Starting at: $7.50

      Optimize the static weight and balance of a golf club to enhance the performance that is best suited the player's natural swing. New and improved weights are easily installed and interchangeable to improve solidness of contact, accuracy, feel and distance by shifting the balance of the club closer to the player's hands. Features: Stronger and longer lasting rubber locking plug > No rattles; No stripping; Patented technology > Fits all steel and graphite shafts .480" inside diameter and larger > Easier installation and removal > Compatible with all grips modified with TLP grip modifier > Compatible with all SuperStroke threaded cap grips > Available in: 8g, 12g, 16g, 20g, 25g, 30g for swing clubs > Putter weights include: 40g, 50g, 60g, 80g, 100g > Conforms to the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf Learn More
    4. Tour Lock Pro Fastening Tool

      Model# TLPFT

      Tour Lock Pro Fastening Tool

      L-shaped Allen wrench used for installing, adjusting, locking and removing the Tour Lock Pro Weights. Learn More
    5. Tour Lock Plastic End Caps

      Model# TLPCAPS

      Tour Lock Plastic End Cap

      Plastic end cap snap in place and fills hole vacated by grip modifier and essential for working with Opti-Vibe weights and not capping off butt end with an additional Tour Lock Pro weight. Learn More
    6. Tour Lock Opti-Vibe Midweight

      Model# TLOV

      Tour Lock Opti-Vibe Midweight

      Starting at: $9.99

      Fine-tune a club to enhance feel and optimize performance. The concept is similar to the Tour Lock Pro by shifting the weight closer to the player’s hands. However, the Tour Lock Opti-Vibe weights are designed to be inserted between 4-10” from the end of the grip to reduce or increase head feel and optimize overall weight, balance and club’s stability throughout the swing for any golf club. Learn More
    7. Tour Lock Grip Modifier

      Model# TLGM

      Tour Lock Grip Modifier

      Tool used to modify any grip and create a precision-cut hole in the butt end for the use of all Tour Lock Pro and Opti-Vibe weights. Learn More
    8. Tour Lock Dual Tool

      Model# TLDT

      Tour Lock Dual Tool

      Proprietary tool used for installing, adjusting, locking and removing Opti-Vibe Weights. Note: The threading on the Dual Tool is intentionally notched / crimped to prevent over-tightening..Note: The threading on the Dual Tool is intentionally notched / crimped to prevent over-tightening. Learn More
    9. Tour Lock Counter Plugs

      Model# TLCP

      Tour Lock Counter Plugs

      Starting at: $7.50

      Tour Lock Counter Plugs are available in 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 50 and 80 grams to fit any club in the bag from driver to the putter to optimize the balance of the club. Unlike the Tour Lock Pro Counterweights which are removable, these install prior to gripping and require no epoxy or special tools. Learn More
    10. The Ferrule Block

      Model# FBLOCK-001

      The Ferrule Block

      The Ferrule Block is more than just a fast, efficient way of installing ferrules onto the shaft; it is an indispensable combination measuring tool that will become a mainstay on any clubmaker's workbench. The top of The Ferrule Block features a counter-bored recess for the ferrule to sit without slipping and will accept all standard sized ferrules from 0.335" to oversized 0.370" iron ferrules. Once you have started the ferrule onto your shaft, simply push down until the shaft is seated into The Ferrule Block. Now the ferrule is installed safely enough onto the shaft that you can use the head to drive it on the rest of the way. The Ferrule Block is also a handy measurement tool to help identify the most common sized tip and butt diameters used in the industry today. Measure butts and tips quickly and accuracy. Whether you are installing ferrules or identifying shaft tip or butt diameters, The Ferrule Block will become your most trusted and used tool in your shop! Learn More

    72 Item(s)

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