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    Apollo Phantom Steel Iron Golf Shafts
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Apollo Phantom Steel Shaft - Iron R/S
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Astonishingly lightweight and unusually sleek, the Phantom possesses a stepless tapered profile which helps produce its incredible feel. A full half ounce lighter than most stepless designs manufactured today to generate more club head speed and distance with less effort. Manufactured to tighter weight tolerances for increased consistency in flex.

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    Questions on Apollo Phantom Steel Iron Golf Shafts

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    • From Joe at 1/13/2016 3:46 PM
      • I've read on a different site that this shaft has, "...lower balance point shifts more weight toward the head adding more head feel without having to increase the overall weight of the club". Can you provide any insight regarding the impact this shaft would have on swingweight?

        For example, Acer XF 3 iron would be build to standard length of 39 inches with Apollo standard steel at 125 grams (unsure of swingweight). What length would I have to build the same 3 iron head with the Phantom shaft to maintain the same swingweight? Would this lower balance point allow for the same swingweight at the same length? Thanks!
      • Joe,

        Let's use a 5-iron since that is what we do with all our DSFI testing. At 38", it required just under 261g to achieve a D1 swingweight. Compare that to the stepped Acculite 95, which was a hair more. So yes, the balance point is more toward the tip than some other shafts in it's weight class, but will still require an additional 2 grams compared to the Apollo standard steel at the identical length.
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    • From Randy at 5/1/2016 8:38 PM
      • Some 20 years ago I had a set of merit forged cavity back irons with a True Temper Gold Plus S300 shaft. I could hit a 4 iron over 200 yards with these. if I remember correctly ithey had a shaft weight of 85 grams and a butt diameter of .620 inches. Unfortunately these shafts had no feel whatsoever. I have been skeptical of using ultra light steel shafts ever since although I used True Temper Rocket steel shafts in R flex for some years. They were somewhat better in feel.

        So, Jeff my question is how are the Apollo 75, 85 ,95 Ultralight are for feel and especially the Phantom shaft. I like the no shock feel of the step less shafts, because if your cant have the feel then it very hard for weekend golfers to judge distance on less than full shots.
      • Randy,

        Lightweight shafts today are much different than they were 20 years ago. The mistake manufacturers made were to make the shafts that weighed 20 grams lighter the same frequency as heavier shafts; thus the reason for the lack of feel.

        The Gold Plus S300 iron had a butt diameter of 0.610" and weight similar to the Phantom and Acculite 95. These will be much softer in frequency too. The Acculite 85 would be a more modern day equivalent to Gold Plus as it is the firmest of the Acculite series, but @ 10 grams lighter than Gold Plus. The Acculite 75 is much, much lighter / more flexible producing a much higher launch angle.
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    • From Mike Miles at 6/1/2017 2:52 AM
      • What would the affect be if I hard tip these. For example to play at stiff you take 2.5" off the tip and then butt trim to 39".

        Suppose I take 4.5" off the tip of the 3 iron. Is this going to ruin the "feel" but lower the launch? My observations with KBS Tour 90 is that it makes the club "feel" better with a slight distance loss but much lower trajectory.

        My goal is no distance increase (I hit a 7 iron 165) but a more consistent lower launch with a lighter overall club weight. In every shaft I've tried I have not obtained the lower launch even though the flex point is lowered. The feel has improved but not the trajectory.

        Thanks for any input you can provide.

        Mike Miles
        Miles Brothers Golf, LLC
        Akron, OH
      • Mike,

        The Phantom runs on the soft side so there is plenty of room to make the shaft stiffer by additional tip trimming which in turn will help reduce ball flight. The only thing I would check is to make sure you have enough room on the butt end to reach your desired length. You have a 42" shaft, cut 4.5" for a 3-iron leaves 37.5". You will gain 1" to 1.25" for the bore type and grip cap in most cases so you will be just short of 39". Also, when in doubt, build up 1 club first. If it is too stiff, you could remove that shaft and shift it to a shorter club and all you have to do is sacrifice one grip. Then you can cut the rest of the shafts accordingly.

        Of course, if you are looking for a lower launch, you could select a heavier shaft with a lower launch or pick a stiffer shaft in that weight class with a stiffer tip section (like an Apollo Spectre Lite, Dynamic Gold SL or possibly a FST 115 Pro).
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    APMPHT-001-IRS 105 R/S   0.600 in 0.370" Parallel 42 in Mid 9.75 in R: IH18 / S: IH21 852674727642
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