What Is The Best Golf Grip Tape For My Golf Shop?

The Intertape 591 Premium Double-Sided Golf Grip Tape Is THE BEST Golf Grip Tape For Your Golf Shop

One of the staples of any golf clubmaking, fitting and repair operation is golf grip tape unless you are a proponent of installing grips with air. The first thing to ask is “Are all golf grip tapes created the same?” Well my friends, that is like saying beer is beer. Before you make you next purchase you might want to consider the following.

Solvent of Water Based Golf Grip TapeSolvent based versus water re-activated grip tape

There are two primary types of grip tape. By far the most popular is grip tape that is lubricated with some sort of grip solvent that will eventually flash off and evaporate leaving the grip secure on the butt end of the shaft. The other type of golf grip tape is water based or water re-activated. This is typically instructed to be lubricated with a mixture of two tablespoons of dishwashing soap per quart of tap water. However, I find that undiluted glass cleaner straight from the bottle works even better. In either case, the time before you can effectively use the club could be a full 24 hours rather than a couple hours with solvent on double-sided solvent based grip tape.

Straight or Spiral Wrap Golf Grip TapeSize and usage

For hobbyists, individual strips of golf grip tape are more than sufficient. These are convenient as they are pre-cut to the length you need and all you need to do is remove both of the peel off liners and apply to the shaft. They come at a price though. A single strip can be $0.50 or more. Compare that to a roll of 2” wide x 36 yard grip tape where you can get nearly 125 strips, the cost is less than a dime.

2” wide tape is designed to be applied lengthwise on the shaft. The other option is ¾” wide x 36 yards, which is typically spirally wrapped around the shaft (sometimes leaving gaps). The price for ¾” wide solvent based golf grip tape is a little less than 2” wide x 36 yard roll solvent based tape. However it takes considerably longer to install and time is money.

In an effort to save money, some 2” wide tape only measures 1.75” wide. Why? Naturally to save cost. With 2” wide tape, there is usually a little overlap. So 1.75” wide means there will be less overlap or even a slight gap when wrapped around the shaft, but still more than adequate to do the job.

The skinny on the 3 types of solvent based golf grip tape Hireko sells

At Hireko, we offer several types of golf grip installation tape to satisfy your different needs.

GoodEconomy Golf Grip TapeHireko has sold for years and years and years an economy tape that serves its’ purpose well. The SG200 is the 2” wide double-sided tape while the SG075 is the ¾” wide version. It is a thinner type of grip installation tape (still thicker than why you will find on many OEM clubs today) with a plastic peel off liner.



BetterDynacraft Professional Golf Grip TapeWe added the Dynacraft Professional Double Sided grip tape about a year ago. This is a slightly thicker grip tape than our economy brand similar to what some of our competitors are selling to help consolidate our customer’s purchasing needs. This is a full 2” wide (unlike some) and has the plastic peel off liner. This happens to be the same quality tape that we offer in our individual golf grip tape strips that are also offered in all our grip kits.



BestIntertape 591 Premium Double-Side Golf Grip TapeHireko distributes the Intertape 591 Premium Double-Sided Golf Grip Tape. Sadly we call this premium today because this was the grip tape that most veteran clubmakers recall as standard grip tape. This has the easy-release crepe paper liner allowing for either machine or hand application. It comes in the 2” wide x 36 yard roll and is much thicker than most solvent activated golf grip tapes sold today making it easier to install and remove when re-gripping saving you time and money in the long run.


So there you have it, we offer several different styles of grip tape from 2” to ¾” wide, solvent-based to water re-activated and economy to premium grip tape to meet the needs of any clubmaking operation.


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