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Grafalloy is a leading manufacturer of state of the art carbon fiber wood and iron golf shafts. For years, Grafalloy shafts have led the industry in advanced materials, superior technology and creative engineering. This tradition began with the innovation of the Grafalloy Tour, the bench mark for ultralight tour shafts, and continues today with game changing innovations like MicroMesh Technology and Smart Ply materials.

Grafalloy’s proprietary Micro-Mesh Tip Technology radically improves the torsional stability of the shaft while promoting a responsive feel at impact. This technological advancement enhances shot consistency by keeping the clubface square at impact leading to greater distance and accuracy off the tee.  Grafalloy has incorporated Micro-Mesh Tip Technology into ProLaunch Platinum, Red and Blue Shafts.

Grafalloy’s all-new Axis technology optimizes shaft consistency during the swing and through impact, maximizing energy transfer, power and tour-proven accuracy. Smart-Ply materials utilizes ultra-thin layers of unidirectional graphite material along six separate axes more than twice as many as traditional shaft designs.

Grafalloy -   the No. 1 ultralite shaft on tour!

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