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Graman S-Series Shafts


So uniform, so precise and so symmetrical that G Series are GUARANTEED 1 cpm or less!

With multiple US patents, Graman graphite shafts proprietary technology is capable of producing unequalled, symmetrically precise shafts of superior quality and consistency. Since the early 1990's, Graman golf shafts have revolutionized industry standards by using meticulous accuracy for frequency matching and uniform consistency.

Revolutionary Proprietary Technology

Variety - Choose from 5 Distinct Designs Matched To Your Level of Play

5 Stars Customer Rated Reviews


"I replaced the the shaft in my old driver with Graman G-series 60. Much more carry and accuracy was evident. At a recent Taylormade demo day at our club the factory boys were unable to find a combination in their entire arsenal that could match the carry and low spin rate. A great product!"
- Satisfied Graman Customer

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Graman Crossfire Golf Shafts  

Graman Crossfire Graphite Shafts

Excellent Entry Level Golf Shaft

The Crossfire is durable, lightweight entry level shaft for golfers on a budget, but still demands a shaft with tight tolerances.
Model #GRAM-XF


Graman Performance Series Golf Shafts  

Graman Performance Series Graphite Shafts

Perfect for Recreational Golfers on a Budget

Guaranteed to be ± 2 CPMs® within each shaft! Performance-weighted and Graman's traditional 10 CPM per inch in the tip section allows for an accurate fitting for a wider cross-section of golfers.
Model #GRAM-R


Graman Competitive Series Golf Shafts  

Graman Competitive Series Graphite Shafts

Engineered for Low Handicap Amateurs & Recreational Golfers

Guaranteed to be ± 1.5 CPMs® within each shaft! High Modulus and T-700 High Strain graphite gives this shaft its superior distance, feel and accuracy. Additional length for total customization.
Model #GRAM-M


Graman Professional Series Golf Shafts  

Graman Professional Series Graphite Shafts

Designed for Serious Golfers Looking for Maximum Stability & Consistency.

Constructed with ultra-high modules micro plies, all of these shafts come with certified CPM numbers on the butt for custom fitting to a new level of precision. These G series shafts are manufactured with extremely precise symmetry, and then additional innovative steps are taken to find the Optimum Flex Line™ for this series of shafts allowing for logo alignment to produce a perfectly matched set. CPM/Optimum Flex Line™—certified sticker with 1 CPM or less tolerance. Additional length for total customization
Model #GRAM-G