How to Abrade A Golf Shaft with a Belt Sander

Increase the proficiency of your clubmaking operation by preparing a golf shaft tip by machine.
This New Video Below Will Show You How!

Hireko's Technical Director Jeff Summitt will provide some tips and show you how to abrade (rough up, sand or prepare) the tip of a steel and graphite shaft using a 1" x 42" belt sander. This procedure will ensure the proper surface to epoxy the head onto the shaft in a safe and speedy process over hand sanding. Also, never try to sand a shaft against the flat platen or the small metal bar behind the belt. You might be able to use a 1" x 30" belt sander for steel golf shafts, but you will not find belts to safely abrade graphite golf shafts. For more information on abrading shafts and installation, please consult the Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking book.

Products you will need:

1" x 42" belt sander
1" x 42" steel sanding belt
1" x 42" steel shaft sanding belt
1" x 42" graphite sanding belt
Graphite Shaft Sanding Belt - 1" X 42"