How to Fix a Rattle in a Golf Clubhead

Hireko's Technical Director Jeff Summitt will provide some tips and show you how to fix a rattle in a golf club. 

Remember, each repair you encounter in your clubmaking is unique, so this video will demonstrate some fundamentals you can incorporate to tackle similar repairs. Note, if you don't have a long rod as shown in this video, you can also use an 1/8" diameter drill bit to remove the epoxy core from the tip end.  You may have to remove any tip pin first with pliers.

Products you may need:

Bench vise
Heat source (propane or butane torch or heat gun)
Shaft puller
Utility or Hyde knife
Drill with 1/8" drill bit
Long screw
Long rod (48" length with one end being 1/8" diameter)
Hosel cleaning brush
Urethane pads
Rattle Trap (bottle)
Straw (cut down)
Rattle Trap (syringe)
Hosel disc plugs

 For more information on shaft removal and installation, please consult the Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking book.     

Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking