How to Make A Shaft Spine Finder

Hireko Golf’s technical director Jeff Summitt will demonstrate in this video how to make a
simple and inexpensive spine finding tool for golf shafts.

As a refresher, a spine is an inconsistency created during the manufacturing process where the shaft may not be perfectly round, straight or where the wall thickness is not uniform around the circumference of the shaft.  Once the spine is detected, there is a proper orientation to place the shaft into the hosel.



Spine finder parts list:

  • 2" diameter PVC pipe – A 6" to 8" long piece is adequate for this project
  • 2 end caps – Depending on what you find, you might need to drill a 1.5" hole through the center.  The extra material will act as a lip.
  • 3 good-quality bearings – 2 of which need to fit inside the end caps. Outside diameter can be 1.875", inside diameter anywhere from 0.790" or larger and width of 0.5" or greater.  The 3rd bearing is for the tip and needs the inside diameter to be large enough to accept any size shaft tip.

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