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How to Re-Shaft Callaway Irons

Since I have had what seems as a rash of inquiries of late on re-shafting Callaway irons, I decided there must be more clubmakers that might not have experienced this repair situation.

One of the most confusing questions to answer is what is the hosel diameter of a Callaway iron, at least the non-Tour models like the X-22 Tour or X-Forged which are 0.355” tapered? This might sound a little confusing but they are neither a true 0.370” parallel nor 0.355” tapered bore, rather a modified bore.

Callaway shaft tipIf you remove the shaft, you will notice six slits running up the shaft tip. This is by design as Callaway starts out by using a 0.370” parallel tip shaft. Callaway’s hosels are slightly tapered so that when the shaft is inserted it pinches in the split shaft and forms a pseudo-mechanical lock.

Aside from trying to split the tip with a thin blade like they had done, there is an easy solution. You can run a 9.4mm drill bit into the hosel to accept a 0.370” shaft. One more thing, you will want to tip trim the shaft 1” less than called for (if at all possible). The reason this is necessary is to adjust for the deeper insertion depth caused by the thru bore design. Failure to do so will make the shaft play stiffer than designed.

Callaway replacement iron ferruleThe Callaway irons will also need special ferrules that are designed to fit the counter-bored hosel. The Callaway replacement ferrule will not only make the job easier, but provide that professional look.

Thru Bore PlugsYou will also need plugs for the shaft for the models with the Bore Thru or Modified Bore Thru design. After you have epoxied and hammered the pins in place, epoxy has dried and you have sanded them flush with the bottom of the sole, you can wipe them with acetone to get the nice factory finish.

Hopefully you have a learned a tip or two for that first time or your next time re-shafting a Callaway iron with the thru bore or modified thru bore design.

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