I Never Met a 7-Wood I Didn’t Like

Have you hit a 7-wood lately?

I speak to a lot of customers on a daily basis, most of which are looking on advice on what clubs they should use.  If you fit customers, you should follow my example by listening carefully to what your customer needs because each golfer has certain preferences or likes or dislikes based on hitting certain clubs in the past.  Therefore I don’t every like to generalize when it comes to fitting and why it is so important that each golfer select the correct set make up based on their strengths.Acer XDS Fairway Wood

One of the most common complaints I hear from customers is, “I can’t hit my longer irons (like a 3 and/or 4-iron).”  Hey, join the crowd!  The first thing you think to ask is whether or not that had tried any of the new hybrids on the market and follow up by asking which ones as well.  When they tell me they have tried these new-fangled hybrids and they do hit them better than the iron, then I revert to an option of the past.

Ask them this next question, “Do you hit your 5-wood well?”  If they say yes, which is often the case, now is the time to revisit the 7-wood.  Oh, the lowly #7-wood. Remember what that was?  You must not, because based on sales over the past several years the #7-wood has gradually sold less and less as manufactures and the media have tempted you with the hybrid as an answer to your problems.

Long before there were hybrids, there were high lofted fairway woods.  The #7-wood became a good replacement for a 3-iron.  The large head and higher loft made this an easy club to hit high and straight.  The length is not unlike many #3 hybrids on the market which is manageable to provide solidness of contact and confidence at address.

For many men out there, don’t let your ego get in the way of putting a club in your bag that can increase your chances of improving your score.  No matter how much ribbing you may get from your playing partners, the #7-wood is perfectly legal and a viable alternative to a #3-irons and /or hybrid.  At Hireko, we have a wide range to choose from. The #9-wood and all the way to a #15-wood (yes, they make those too) like the Acer XDS make a good alternative to a #4-iron and/or hybrid and beyond.

I had foregone the #3-iron many years ago and like many fellow golfers have dabbled with various hybrids to ensure I had a club in my bag for a specific distance.  But over all these years I can say that the 7-wood has been a staple in my arsenal and usually that one “go-to” club I could rely on regardless of which model I have used.  That is why I have said many times over that I haven’t met a 7-wood I didn’t like.