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Improve Your Chipping Technique with the Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper

Chili dips, flubs, dubs, double-hits, the old Vince Skully bladed chip or you just can’t keep the ball on the green when you chip; then there is a unique club for you – the new 2016 Dynacraft Hindsight golf chipper.

Dynacraft Hindsight ChipperMost scoring is won or lost by the short game and any weakness can take a decent round and change the attitude of the golfer to vow “I will never play this game again.”

Chipping is one of those important skills a golfer must learn to execute to save valuable stroke on the card. Before we delve into improving one’s chipping, you must first understand what a chip. A chip is a firm-wristed stroke that is designed to hit the ball low, carry a short distance and then run out. In order to execute this shot the ball is placed back in the stance with the hands forward so you hit down on the ball and the hands lead all the way. It is a short, firm stroke requiring no (or very little) use of the wrists.

Many golfers are taught to chip with a higher lofted clubs such as an 8 or 9-iron or their pitching wedge. Looking at instructional videos for proper chipping the shaft is leaned forward by around 7 Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper toe viewdegrees, therefore de-lofting the club at impact. This takes some practice and discipline to put oneself in this position time after time. Enter the new 2016 Dynacraft Hindsight chipper, like its’ cousin the Hindsight putter, the shaft exits the head at an angle to put one in the proper from the onset.

The head weight of the Dynacraft Hindsight chipper is heavy, closer to the weight of a putter. The purpose is two-fold. For starters it allow for a shorter, more controllable length (@34”) so you don’t have to remember how far to choke or grip down on the club. Plus the additional weight makes it much more difficult to become “wristy” and allow the clubhead to get in front of the hands at impact, which is the biggest problem to begin with. With very little time practicing around the green, the built-in shaft lean of the Hindsight chipper to create a forward press will make executing the chip a strong point of one’s game.

Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper chipping techniqueThe Dynacraft Hindsight chipper does not conform to the Rules of Golf, but for recreational golfers who have struggled chipping with conventional clubs will find a new option to help them gain back strokes and begin to enjoy the game as it was meant to be.

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