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Can the New KBS 610 or Hi Rev 2.0 Wedge Shafts Help Lower Your Score?

New 2015 KBS 610 and Hi Rev 2.0 Wedge Shafts Just Arrived!

To be your one stop shop for all your component needs we are constantly adding new products that you are your customers will demand. Case in point is the two new wedge specific shafts called the 610 Wedge and the Hi Rev 2.0 from your friends at KBS Golf Shafts. These were introduced at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in late January and too late to put into our catalog. So you have a better understanding of their application, we have a series of questions answered by Hireko’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt regarding these shafts below.

Will they fit my heads?
Good question. First of all, these are taper tip offerings meaning either of these two wedge shafts were designed to fit those wedges with a 0.355” hosel like Titleist, Cleveland, Mizuno, Ping, among others. That is unless you are confident in your ability to shim these shafts into a 0.370” hosel like all of Hireko’s wedges. If you are unfamiliar with the shimming procedure, you want to visit here.

Why offer two different wedge shafts?
Golfers are like snowflakes; everyone will have a different type of swing. Some will have steeper angles of attack (how you come into the ball at impact) than others. This along with the course conditions one plays will produce different trajectories and spin rates and thus the need for different type shafts unless you don’t mind bending your wedges and altering the bounce angles on them to provide the desired results.

KBS 610 Wedge shaft

What is the difference between the two shafts?
Let’s start with the 610 Wedge. It gets its’ name from the slightly larger 0.610” butt diameter. This shaft has a firmer tip section to provide a more penetrating ball flight and subsequently less spin. The Hi Rev 2.0 is the updated version of their long time Hi Rev Wedge shaft and geared to increase both launch angle and spin due to its more active tip section.

What the hell is a S+ flex?
KBS is helping redefine “Wedge” flex. When you shop for name brand wedges, you will encounter the infamous “Wedge” flex. Basically a “wedge” flex is another term for stiff flex. On the other hand, KBS is providing you with more custom options to match your current clubs as well as provide you with the feel and trajectory needed for your game.

KBS Hi Rev 2.0 wedge shafts

In the Hi Rev 2.0, they offer the traditional R, S and X flex. With the 610 Wedge, the offerings are R, S and an S+ flex. The S+ is heavier than the standard S-flex and the stiffness in-between S and X-flex for added control.

How do I really know which one I need?
In a nutshell, look at how your ball lands relative to your target on the green and not just on long shots, but also those half or finesse shots into the green. If you are constantly past the hole, then you need the added launch and spin provided by the Hi Rev 2.0. And if you come up short all the time, then lowering the trajectory and spin can get you closer to the hole and into more manageable putts. That’s the skinny on the new KBS 610 and Hi Rev 2.0 wedge shafts.

KBS Hi Rev 2.0 wedge shafts KBS 610 Wedge shaft
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KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Taper Tip Steel Wedge Shafts
KBS 610 Wedge Shaft Taper Tip
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