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    KBS Tour 0.370" Parallel Tip Steel Iron Golf Shafts
    Model: UKB01

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KBS Tour Steel - Iron R
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KBS Tour Steel - Iron S
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KBS Tour Steel - Iron X
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Designed for better players, the KBS Tour shaft was engineered with 'moment of inertia analysis' to deliver better transfer of energy from the player's hands to the club. This enhances the performance of well-executed swings delivering better dispersion, 'feel' response and ball flight. The 'feel' of KBS Tour shafts has fast become synonymous with playability.

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Questions on KBS Tour 0.370" Parallel Tip Steel Iron Golf Shafts

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  • From alnn at 2/3/2015 1:02 PM
    • Hi, when these shafts are cut will the weight be closer to 110 grams? standard length I mean.
    • Alan,

      Once you cut them down to standard men's length the cut shaft will weigh @ 100 grams for R-flex, 110g for S-flex and 112g for X-flex.
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  • From Jim Battin at 3/17/2015 11:02 AM
    • I ordered 9 KBS Tour Steel shafts (Stiff Flex). The picture looks like they are stepless but what I received were stepped. I wanted stepless. Did I receive the wrong shafts?
    • Hi Jim,

      The KBS Tour are stepped so you received the correct product. The models they sell that are stepless are the C-Taper and C-Taper Lite.
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  • From John at 3/24/2016 11:47 AM
    • I ordered the KBS Tour Steel Iron Stiff shaft. I want it for my callaway 8 iron. I see tip trimming should 3 13/16".

      If I want this iron to be 1/2 inch longer than standard size (I'm 6' 4"), should I trim 1/2 less than 3 13/16" on the tip?

      Or should I go ahead and trim the recommended 3 13/16" on the tip and less on the butt?

    • John,

      Tip trimming is done for flex and butt trimming is for length. I would personally trim the recommended amount from the tip and adjust from the butt side. The one exception is what Callaway iron are you using? If it is one of the older S2H2 bore thru models, then I would take 1" less off the tip to adjust for the abnormal bottom of bore to ground line measurement.
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Model # Weight Flex Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Raw Length Ball Flight Parallel Tip Trim Code UPC
UKB01-001-IR 120 R   0.600 in 0.370" Parallel 43.5 in Mid 12 in IH29  
UKB01-001-IS 130 S   0.600 in 0.370" Parallel 43.5 in Low-Mid 11.5 in IH29  
UKB01-001-IX 133 X   0.600 in 0.370" Parallel 43.5 in Low 10.5 in IH29  
Shipping Length (inches) Shipping Width (inches) Shipping Height (inches) Shipping Weight (pounds)
48 4 4 2
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