Measuring Club Length the Easy Way – Hireko’s Ruler Buddy

This Free Tool Will Help You Accurately Measure The Length Of Your Clubs

Hireko Ruler Buddy 1One of the most confusing things for those new to clubmaking or even the end consumer is how to accurately measure the length of a club, especially if all they have is a 48" ruler.

Part of my job is answer technical questions from customers for which I have done for many years now. Over these years I have had all sorts of customers try to explain to me the length of their clubs. Some use the back edge of the heel as reference. Some have used the top of the ferrule, while others reference the top of the hosel. Any way you can imagine that club length could be potentially measured, I have heard it. So the first thing one need to understand is how club length is actually measured.

How to use a 48" ruler to measure club length

The method most often used involves placing the club in the playing position with the center of the sole touching the ground. Then a 48” rule is placed along the backside of the club with the tip of the rule touching the ground by the club’s heel. The final length is measured at the edge of the grip cap (and not the very top). This method is used in all cases except putters that the shaft is not located at the heel.

The biggest problem with measuring with a 48” ruler is getting the ruler positioned correctly to get an accurate measurement. Depending on how high or low you position the ruler you could easily be off ¼” either way (or more). You are probably saying, wouldn’t it be great if I had an extra pair of hands to measure the length of a club accurately with your 48” ruler? Well finally the simple solution from Hireko Golf – the Ruler Buddy.

To Print:
1. RIGHT CLICK on the above click and save to your computer
2. Open the file and print at 100% to your printer
If it prints correctly the distance from the dotted line to the 65 degree line will be exactly 4.5″.

Just print the PDF file off of your printer. Then tape the piece of paper at the dotted line 48” from the floor or above a table or the surface of your workbench. To find the correct length, follow the next 4 steps (pictures and video are below).

How to use the Ruler Buddy to measure club length accurately

Step 1:

Find the lie angle of the club from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will post this information on their internet site or in their catalog. There is always a possible tolerance of +/- 1º, but that will have a negligible impact on obtaining the proper length.

Step 2:

Lean the 48” ruler between the two vertical lines with the edge of the ruler against the corresponding lie angle. This will position the ruler at an angle from the surface to the chart. Make sure the 0” mark is placed on the floor or ground level.

Hireko Ruler Buddy 2

Step 3:

Place the club against the ruler with the shaft resting along the ruler. This is especially import when measuring the length of a putter as the shaft is not attached at the heel like all the other clubs in the set.

Hireko Ruler Buddy 3

Step 4:

Read the length of the club from the 48” ruler. Use the edge of the grip cap as your reference point. It is also great for marking the shaft too for final club length.

Hireko Ruler Buddy 4













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