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Project X was designed on the PGA Tour to help professional golfers improve distance and accuracy. Today, Project X is played by the world’s best golfers and can be found in play every week of the Tour.

Project X shafts incorporate Stepless Design Technology where each individual shaft throughout the set is comprised of a specific taper length. This unique design feature optimizes the flex distribution and energy transfer without sacrificing control. Stepless Design technology provides tip stiffness for stronger players, producing greater accuracy with a smooth yet solid feel at impact and optimum trajectory and spin control.

The Project X Black features reduced weight from the original Project X graphite for explosive power while preserving critical tip stability and low spin performance. Featuring proprietary Dual Torsional Control, Project X Black reduces spin rates at impact for optimized peak trajectory with flatter descent angles for maximum carry and roll.

The Project X PXi iron shaft incorporates the hallmarks of the Project X band—tour-caliber spin control and tip stability—in a lightweight package. Project X PXi’s lighter weight produces greater distance and improved feel through an optimized butt to tip stiffness calibration.

Project X Shafts – Tour proven distance, accuracy and consistenty.

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