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Introducing The New 2014 PURE Grip Collection!

PURE Golf Grips


For The PURE Love Of The Game

As passionate golfers, we're always trying to improve our game. That's why the founders of PURE Grips came together in the first place - to give all golfers one more way to find an edge. PURE Grips consistently tacky, all-weather line of grips are the first to combine everything golfers and pro shops want in a grip: superior feel and comfort, exceptional durability and easy installation, all at a great value.

Tapeless Installation! Requires no adhesive tapes or solvents.

Clubs Can Be Used Immediately! No more waiting around for solvent to dry. Just install and play.

Regrip a Club In 1/4 Of The Time it takes with other grip products, allowing for easy demonstration of grip styles.

Will Not Slip or turn once in place.


""I have to give the guys at PURE Grips credit. They developed a grip that feels great in my hands and maintains that feeling for a lot longer than other grips. These are the best grips I have found, and the installation process they have is really incredible."
- Mike Swartz, Former member of the PGA Tour and Head Golf Professional at Encanto Golf Course in Phoenix

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PURE Pro Grips  

PURE Pro Grips

Perfect Grip For The Better Player

Featuring a firm grip with a uniform traction groove surface, the Pure Pro grip is great for experienced players who prefer a rougher feel, maximum feedback and alternative to cord grips. Available in Undersize, Standard & Midsize.
Model  #RP021012 - RP131232

 PURE P2 Grips  

PURE Wrap Grips

PURE'S Tackiest Grip Ever!

PURE Grip's tackiest grip, the PURE Wrap features a perforated wrap design and fits golfers with standard size hands that prefer a slightly softer, more muted feel at impact. This grip is great for wet or humid locations and for those that really like a tacky feeling grip that will absorb some vibration.

Model #RP011332 - RP21712

PURE Midsize Wrap Grips


PURE Midsize Wrap Grips

Great for those with joint issues

For golfers that need a slightly larger size grip but like the softness of a wrap, this grip features a perforated wrap design that helps cushion contact. Also great for golfers who struggle with joint problems.

Model #RP011432 - RP131432

PURE DTX Grips  


Designed in conjunction with Hank Haney!

The PURE DTX is PURE's first collaboration with Hank Haney. A combination of contrasting textures, the DTX delivers a great simulation of a cord feel, but adds our seamless molding and rubber technology. Its unique combination of rough and tacky texture is great for any golfer looking for a secure connection with the club, including cord players. Available in Standard and Midsize.

Model #RP011532 - RP131632

PURE Classic Putter Grips  

PURE Classic Putter Grips

Soft, tacky feel

For golfers that prefer a standard size putter grip with a soft tacky feel. The grip molds perfectly into your hands without any harsh or sharp edges and the tackiness gives you confidence over every putt.

Model #RP11712 - RP131712

PURE Grip Installation Gun  

PURE Grip Installation Gun

The installation of PURE Grips requires no adhesive tapes or solvents. Using Pure Grip’s proprietary quick-connecting tools, the simple power of air pressure installs their grips as securely as any adhesive tape. Once installed on a steel or graphite shaft, the grip provides optimal stability while the elasticity of the rubber combines with friction to create "rubber memory," ensuring the grip will not loosen or slip.

Model #RP2000
$39.95 each